Media References and Puns of Episode 109: The Ominous March


Media References


  • (0:23:11) Sam: Use protection! Liam: That’s what Grog is for!
  • (0:24:29) Travis: You pranked his ass and he caught the bug.
  • (0:31:20) Vax: Plan B will be you grab his a** and I’ll shove it in.
  • (0:43:39) Scanlan: The way he cocks his gun, holds it so firmly. It trembles just a little, but then bang! Ah! Just a gentle touch is all it takes.
  • (0:49:04) Vex: Do you want to keep playing your f***ing lute or not?!  Scanlan: I’d prefer it if Percy did.
  • (2:24:10) Matt: Curse you, Blindspot.  Taliesin: We have a bit of a moving blindspot.
  • (2:26:18) Liam: Are you telling me we have to crawl into another monster’s a**hole, is that what you’re saying?  Sam: It’s Friday.  Marisha: And now we have two immovable rods!
  • (3:26:35) Liam: Twelve plus psychic damage, honey.  Sam: You guys have a f***ed up relationship.  Marisha: Our entire relationship has been psychic damage, baby.