Quick Answers 56

Hi guys! Thanks for all the amazing work you do! I was trying to remember how many times / when the group has used "Jenga?"

Thanks! Off the tops of our heads:

  • Ep25 (0:28:50) Vax
  • Ep33 (p1. 1:16:40) Vax
  • Ep55 (2:26:22) Vax
  • Ep58 (0:16:30) Vax
  • Ep71 (2:46:09) Percy
  • Ep92 (3:30:20) Grog
  • Ep100 (1:24:23) Vex

How many times has Pike had a single-digit initiative?

Out of Pike’s 43 initiative rolls through episode 109, she’s rolled a single digit 22 times, or just over 51% of the time.

With the Critical O'Brien Full Circle episode, we got to see what antics happen just before the cameras hit, near the end. I was just wondering, apart from Marisha and Matt at the beginning, what was shouted, and by whom?

We were able to catch Sam’s “c*** goblin” and Taliesin saying something about Gollum, but we couldn’t figure out Matt’s second one or Travis’.

I'm trying to remember an episode where Keyleth told Vex she loved her, and Vex thought she confused them again... I want to remember the whole quote, but I can't recall the ep. Thank you.

We can’t come up with it, either, but if you have a relative time period in mind, you could go to the transcripts for those episodes and do a CTRL/CMND+F search for “I love you.”

We’ll also take this as an opportunity, because this isn’t the only ask we’ve gotten lately about finding a particular moment or how many times a particular thing happened throughout the whole series, that Critical Role Transcript is the place to go to search for those things! Think the moment you’re searching for happened in a particular episode, but that episode isn’t transcribed yet? Sign up for a five-minute block, read the directions, and transcribe it! Chances are, you’re not the only one looking for that moment, and you’ll be doing the community a huge service.

How much has Vex successfully haggled from original prices? It's interesting to see how much VM saved thanks to her.

We tracked that way back in the day for the first 27 episodes here, but haven’t since then.

Can you tell me how many times [Player Name] has [missed this rule/messed up/been corrected by Matt/forgot damage]?

As a reminder, we don’t track cast “mistakes.” Even in objective numbers, there’s plenty of room for subjectivity, especially in the heat of a game. With great numbers comes great responsibility, and we'd rather use our powers for good than heckling.