Quick Answers 55

Your Tumblr blog has an archive, but can we get one for your main site?
Ask and you shall receive.

Do you have a list of all the deities mentioned in Critical Role, or the blessings each party member has received so far?
Yes and yes!

The deities of Exandria as named on the stream, as well as who is tied to them and what we know about them, can be found here. (This list only partially contains the deities listed in the campaign guide, as not all have been introduced yet.)

We also will be keeping Vox Machina’s blessings right here. (And on a similar vein, we still have what we know about the Vestiges acquired.)

How may times has Grog rolled a Natural 20 on a check Matt didn’t ask him to make?

  • Ep28 (1:14:14) Intelligence Check about the stone giant fortress
  • Ep37 (1:30:30) Arcana Check on the anti-scrying runes
  • Ep61 (0:19:44) Deciding whether to go into the cave
  • Ep63 (1:04:01) Disappointment Check
  • Ep107 (3:18:49) Investigation Check

Have more Natural 20-related questions? Check out our list of them, as well as lists of many other stats, on our Running Stats page!

When was Percy’s mask first mentioned? I remember it being a first 10 episode but can’t find it in the transcripts.
Ep04 (1:56:56).

I have been wondering, do you have a list of planes that Grog has eaten something on?

  • Prime Material (lotta times)
  • Feywild (presumably in Syngorn)
  • Nine Hells (bone meat)
  • Elysium (fruit)

How many planes has the party visited?

  1. Prime Material
  2. Elemental Plane of Fire
  3. The Feywild
  4. The Nine Hells
  5. Elemental Plane of Water
  6. The Shadowfell
  7. Elysium
  8. Endless Atheneeum (possibly a place in one of the “official” Outer Planes, but unclear)

And, pocket dimensions:

  1. Dread Emperor’s Domain
  2. Scanlan’s Mansion

Do you have some kind of record of the times Grog has traded items with other members of Vox Machina and what those trades are?
That’s not something that we’ve ever specifically tracked, but here are the ones we can recall off the top of our heads:

  • Episode 34: Gave a potion to Vax in exchange for an opportunity to flick him
  • Episode 36: Traded the Dragonslayer Longsword to Percy for Craven Edge
  • Episode 70: Gave Ripley’s guns to Percy in exchange for the title “Grand Poobah de Doink of All of This and That” and Percy’s cloak “of smashing”
  • Episode 82: Traded the Periapt of Wound Closure to Vex for a (fake) Deck of Many Things (he received the real Deck in Episode 86)
  • Episode 82: Gave Percy a jug in exchange for his ascot
  • Episode 89: Took Percy’s glasses, some seashells, and a skipping rock as compensation for Percy casting Friends on him to make him rescue Tary
  • Episode 89: Took a pinwheel from Percy while Percy tried (and failed) to get his glasses back

When did Percy convince Grog to dip his hands (covered in acid) in water?
Grog put himself in this predicament in Episode 24 (0:30:14). Percy offered a solution at (0:37:59).

When did Percy make Victor his claw hand?
The saga begins in Episode 57 (0:31:16).

How many times has Hamilton been referenced?
45! For more about media references, you can click on the Media References link in Running Stats!