Quick Answers 57

Lots of questions this time around! (All asked around the same time.)

What’s the fastest Vax can possibly get?

When hasted and flying, Vax gets 3 Dash actions (action, hasted action, bonus action because rogue) on top of his normal movement at 120 ft/round, so a total of 480 ft/round. That’s about 55 mph (88 km/hr).

What’s the most damaging attack Vox Machina’s dealt/taken?

Taking multiple targets into account:

  • Keyleth dealt 660 damage to the skeleton army marching on Whitestone with Ice Storm. (Ep 32)
  • Raishan dealt 788 damage to Vox Machina, Kerrek, Allura, and Kima with Meteor Storm (minus Vax’ildan, who evaded). (Ep 83)
    • Dealt 552 damage to Vox Machina alone.

For a single target:

  • Vax dealt 109 damage to the mummy king with Whisper, Divine Smite, and Assassinate. (Ep 110)
  • Raishan dealt 118 damage each to Scanlan and Kerrek with Meteor Swarm. (Ep 83, part of the above 788 damage).
    • Note that this ignores Keyleth’s cliff-diving incident, since that wasn’t technically an attack. It also ignores any insta-death effects, since no damage was rolled.

Do you have a list of all the times that each member of VM has either been knocked unconscious or killed by a single attack, and alternatively has knocked unconscious or killed an enemy with a single attack?

A member of Vox Machina has never been knocked out with a single attack, but we’ll say Keyleth trying cliff diving counts as an honorable mention.

As for downing enemies with a single attack:

  • Vax knocked out Kynan in front of Greyskull Keep (Ep 23)
  • Vax knocked out a Briarwood guard in the Emon Palace (Ep 24)
  • Keyleth killed 30 skeletons with Ice Storm (Ep 31)
  • Pike killed 36 skeletons with Destroy Undead (Ep 32)
  • Vax killed the mummy king (Ep 110)
  • Vax killed the nothic (Ep 110)

How many times has Vax used Divine Smite on a throwing attack?

Vax has used Divine Smite a total of 19 times. Of those, 11 were on thrown attacks (58%), and 8 were on melee attacks (42%). He teleported with Whisper to the target on 2 of the thrown attacks.

Do you have a list of the Talks Machina After Dark hosts?

We do! Check out the gray-colored tiles in the Hot Seat column in our Talks Machina Attendance table.

I purchased Matt's Gunslinger build and I have a character running it. I'm trying to understand how many times Percy can fire his gun per action. Is it one shot per attack?

Yup! The gunslinger is a fighter archetype, so they get 2 attacks per action starting at level 5, and 3 attacks starting at level 11. They also need to use one of those attacks to reload until level 15, when they can reload with a bonus action. The action surge they get starting at level 2 gives them an entire extra action. Percy, as a level 18 gunslinger fighter, can fire 6 shots from Animus in a single turn when he takes one of his two action surges.

I am beginning a Tal'Dorei campaign of my own, and I was wondering if you all have ever published a timeline of Vox Machina's adventures?

We have! You can check it out here. If you’re interested in any other long-term stats, check out our Running Stats page!

Do you guys have the details for all the ships and crew that VM have hired? How many of those have they abandoned?

  • Captain Damon of The Deera (skyship)
    • Emon to Vasselheim
  • Marquet to Island of Glintshore (abandoned, sent to Emon)
    • Captain Adella of the Drensala Vis
  • Emon to Vesrah
    • Unnamed captain and ship
  • Emon to Port of Shamel
    • Captain Santy of The Shore Shanty
  • Shorecomb to Scaldseat (abandoned)

How high did Grog’s Strength get with Craven Edge?

Craven Edge had a Strength Cap of 25 (+6), which he reached during the fight with Kamaljiori in episode 49. We posted the sword’s full stats here.

How does Delilah keep coming back? Do they need to kill her with holy water or sunlight or on sacred ground?

Officially, all we can do is speculate, which we try to avoid here.

On an unrelated note, the 8th level Clone spell looks interesting.

Was there ever a point when Vex used the Revised Ranger or has she always been a PhB ranger?

Nope. It has been suggested multiple times, and Trinket has been augmented slightly to match Vex’s ranger levels, but for the sake of simplicity and using the system as tested, Vex remains a PHB ranger.

I feel like I've seen a list of the CR Cast's Q&A's somewhere? If it wasn't you guys do you have a link?

We created a list back in Quick Answers 26, though that’s from over a year ago. That list does not include Talks Machina (which you should totes watch) or most con appearances (which Critical Scope has covered).

I was wondering if you collected stats on which two characters had the highest rate of successful assists (giving a player advantage on a role where they would not have advantage otherwise)?

Congrats, you’ve found a stat we haven’t collected! Going back and trying to find all of those rolls is a little difficult, and we don’t do full-series rewatches, but we’re happy to consider adding this to the list of stats we’ll consider collecting once the new campaign starts.