CRTranscript Update 9/20/17

We posted our first push for Critical Role Transcript about five weeks ago. At the time, there were about 500 unclaimed five-minute blocks. Now, including several episodes since then that have already been transcribed by you, there are under 200. This is incredible. Keep up the good work!

If you’re all caught up, head on over to the transcript documents for Episode 111, Shadows of Thomara. If you’re not caught up, claim and transcribe a block from one of the previous episodes. Be sure to read the directions first!

If you previously claimed a block, and haven’t gone back to transcribe it in a while, take the opportunity to go get that done. If you claimed a block and have discovered that you no longer have the time to transcribe it, be sure to take your name off the chart so another critter can claim it. There are several episodes that have been sitting at “Transcription in Progress (All Sections Claimed)” for quite some time and we’d love to see them finished so they can be edited!

Episodes with Sections Unclaimed

Total Sections Unclaimed: 42

Episodes with All Sections Claimed, but Incomplete