Media References and Puns for Episode 112: Dark Dealings

Critters who are opera buffs: anyone know which Puccini aria or chorus Sam was riffing on? Update: Thanks to @fahrentiam, we now know it’s 'O mio babbino caro' from Gianni Schicchi!

Media References:


  • (0:01:01) Sam: Combining Puccini and Marvel Puzzle Quest, I give you an operadvertisement.
  • (0:22:29) Sam: With your engineering wit and my ball handling skills, we’ll be fine!
  • (0:22:36) Travis: Make a ball handling check. Taliesin: Roll *2*d6.
  • (1:59:12) Matt: The earth around [the Sword of Kas] is not super hard. There is a dampness-- Laura: Oh, no, now I’m thinking of dicks again. Travis: Big, black sword.
  • (3:17:35) Marisha: That is the biggest, blackest sword. Laura: The sword is a dick. It’s funny!