Transcription Update 9/29/17

Update: The backlog has been fully transcribed! Thank all of you for your efforts to accomplish this significant milestone!

Episode 112’s transcription document has only been available for about three days and it’s already 55% transcribed. At this rate, Critters, we think you can get all the remaining blocks transcribed in the next two weeks, if not sooner.

If you signed up for a block previously, this would be a phenomenal weekend to get that transcription done. If you claimed a block and have discovered that you no longer have the time to transcribe it, be sure to take your name off the chart so another critter can claim it. Episode 112’s transcript is due on October 8th.

To get started transcribing, click on one of the links below. Type your online username (Twitter/Tumblr/Alpha/whatever) in a box. Then, click on the episode title on the chart, which will link you to the transcription document. Then, read the directions (this will save you lots of time while you transcribe, knowing what you can leave out and how to format). Click on the video link in the document and get transcribing! When you think you’re done, go back and check for punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Then, mark it ready for editing!

Episodes with Sections Unclaimed

  • 113 The Final Ascent: 45 sections unclaimed Due October 15th

Episodes with All Sections Claimed, but Incomplete