Stats 20k Giveaway!

After over two years of running stats on a game played by a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors, it has come to this: there are over 20,000 of you following us on Twitter. We are QUITE humbled, and equally pleased to be enabled in our nerdery. To celebrate, we think it's time to do a BIG giveaway.


This time, we've got your very own copy of the Tal'Dorei Campaign Guide, signed by the authors and the cast of Critical Role (plus Brian). This package will also include each color of the #ThanksKeyleth pins, a Critical Role wristband featuring the iconic "How Do You Want to Do This?", AND the Critter Collection Critical Role dice, available exclusively at the GenCon live show!

To enter, make sure you're following us and retweet this tweet by 11:59 PT of September 23, 2017. (This is open to international critters, as well. Wherever it ends up going, we're shipping it!) Our supreme gratitude to you all, stay turnt, and good luck!

Update: Congratulations to @memesquad_ for winning our contest! And seriously, thanks to everyone who entered, commented, or keeps up with us. We're blown away by the positive outpouring we see day after day, and especially so after the initial announcement. Thank you everyone for your support, and we hope to continue putting out awesome stuff for you!