Media References and Puns of Episode 2-1 Curious Beginnings

Thanks to @uffiebird for this art piece!

For those who are new around here, we publish a weekly list of the puns and references to books/movies/tv/pop culture that the cast makes. Now is the part where we dance!

Media References

  • (0:00:48) Matt: We’re going into a cool partnership with the folks at D&D Beyond! [...] There’s a one-time discount of $10 off any digital book in the Marketplace when you use the code word “beginnings.” [...] You apply that code at checkout.
  • (0:03:11) Sam: Our second sponsor tonight is Backblaze! [...] ‘Twas the night before Critmas…
  • (0:04:47) Matt: Our friends at Wyrmwood have been awesome…
  • (0:09:00) Marisha: Comixology. Liam: On Zune.  Marisha: Dark Horse.  Liam: Palm Pilot. [...] Limewire, you know.  Marisha: Napster.
  • (0:11:00) Matt: Thank you to Ian Phillips of Iron Tusk Paintings who has painted the miniatures for this campaign.
  • (0:11:47) Matt: Final thank yous to Warner Brothers and Monolith Entertainment for letting us incorporate the Shadow of War soundtrack into Critical Role soundtrack here on the air. [...] And CD Projekt Red has been nice enough to let us use the Witcher series soundtrack also incorporated into the campaign.
  • (0:32:18) Sam: *intones the beginning of “Bad to the Bone”* (George Thorogood and the Destroyers)
  • (1:02:47) Nott: The Soul Train Academy! (Either the tv show or the awards)
  • (1:11:19) Sam: We’re just a couple of wild and crazy guys! (SNL)
  • (1:11:42) Taliesin: Bangarang! (Hook)
  • (1:16:45) Laura: The creepy doll?  Travis: Annabelle!
  • (1:20:41) Laura: Aw, it’s like Ren Faire.  Matt: Don’t remind me.
  • (1:24:34) Matt: the point that even in the far corner you Ghostbusters stack them in the center of the room from floor to ceiling with him not even noticing it.
  • (2:05:49) Liam: (singing) Moonshadow on me. (“Moonshadow” by Yusuf/Cat Stevens)
  • (2:12:44) Nott: I was expecting more Ringling Brothers, actually.
  • (2:32:04) Liam: Now is the part where we dance! (SNL)
  • (2:32:45) Nott: (singing) And I, will always soothe you! (“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston or Dolly Parton)
  • (2:35:00) Marisha: Pop pop! (Community)
  • (2:51:06) Marisha: (singing) From this moment! (Shania Twain)
  • (2:53:14) Marisha: I want to do a flying superman!
  • (3:00:19) Marisha: (singing) Somewhere out there… (Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram)
  • (3:08:05) Guard: What are your names?  Jester: Shirley.  Nott: Temple. (Shirley Temple)
  • (3:16:43) Taliesin and Ashley: Ermahgerd!


  • (0:51:45) Molly: Heading towards the Anvil! That is a destiny forged!
  • (1:23:05) Caleb: How much for this book on hoe technique?
  • (1:54:39) Bo: Mine’s just B-O.  Beau: That’s unfortunate.
  • (1:57:03) Beau: Are you patronizing me, Mollymauk?  Molly: Oh, no, I’m hoping that you’re going to patronize us.
  • (2:26:50) Liam: It’s cocked! Everyone’s saying cocked. Sam: You said cocked. Liam: You’re a cock.
  • (2:47:43) Fjord: I’d like to use my falchion…  Sam: Caw caw!
  • (3:15:01) Sam: Everything’s better with Molly.