Media References and Puns of Episode 2-02 A Show of Scrutiny

This may have been the first cat-related pun of the campaign, but we're guessing it won't be the last.

Media References

  • (0:25:30) Travis: Tried to do the Sherlock Holmes.
  • (1:34:19) Liam: One of those little kids’ toys where you pull the magnet to pull the filings.  Marisha: A Mister Wooly? (Wooly Willy)
  • (1:35:25) Sam: Angelina.  Laura: Yes. With big lips.
  • (1:38:58) Travis: New York is where I'd rather stay! (Green Acres)
  • (1:45:56) Taliesin: We are the Logan’s Run of D&D.
  • (1:55:39) Laura: Is Fabio on the cover?
  • (2:21:09) Taliesin: Purple Rain. (Prince)
  • (2:32:17) Sam: We didn’t leave any Ferris Buellery things? Travis: No stuffed beds, no recordings of the old VHS…
  • (2:55:58) Laura: Jonas and Lucas, very good names. Marisha: You guys should start a band, like a boy band. Sam: Jonas Brothers?
  • (2:58:30) Marisha: That means prime candidate, someone’s little experiment little Frankenstein.
  • (3:26:26) Liam: He’s just in a Blue Man Group unitard and that’s it.
  • (3:26:32) Marisha: Somewhere Rob Liefeld just got a nosebleed and doesn’t know why.
  • (3:30:23) Liam: Like Telephone.
  • (4:09:44) Travis: Hardy Boys!
  • (4:09:48) Taliesin: Which one’s Nancy and which one’s Drew? (Nancy Drew)


  • (1:14:44) Caleb: The goblight, ladies and gentlemen.
  • (1:41:50) Travis: What color is that die?  Taliesin: It seems to be iron, like my will.
  • (4:05:41) Fjord: Why are you going all cat-atonic on me?