Puns of 2-03 The Midnight Chase

Thanks to @ornerine for this art piece!

Warning: if you get motion sickness easily, you'll want to be wary of the puns list because it is filled with crews of sailors.

  • (0:43:03) Fjord: You shot s*** out of your hands! I don’t think you were not brave; that was really impressive!  Beau: Wait, you were shooting s*** out of your hands.  Fjord: It was fire.
  • (0:44:13) Fjord: Is that single horse a mustang?
  • (0:44:52) Taliesin: Are you going to name it Sally?
  • (0:48:57) Matt: You hop your mustang.  Travis: I do. Shelby.
  • (1:25:55) Nott: So Fjord, you’re very acquainted with seamen after being on the water for so long?
  • (1:26:12) Fjord: It’s all in the delivery. Taliesin: It’s all in the delivery of the seamen, is what you’re saying.
  • (1:26:21) Beau: Do you seamen have cloisters around Trostenwald?  Nott: Having clusters of seamen around you at all times?
  • (1:32:23) Matt: You spent a lot of time by yourself reading.  Laura: “Reading.”
  • (1:32:31) Taliesin: Clusters of seamen all over the place.
  • (1:32:53) Liam: Would you say that Caleb’s a speed beater?
  • (1:33:00) Matt: From the window to the wall.
  • (1:36:09) Laura: Octopuses are very smart. Liam: I think it's octopi. Taliesin: Enough about the pastries already!
  • (1:38:46) Liam: It takes me an hour to this. An hour and ten minutes to be exact.  Sam: Ten minutes is cleaning up.
  • (1:39:12) Liam: So I go upstairs to cast “Find Familiar.”  Marisha: Oh, you found him!
  • (1:57:52) Laura: I bless you [Blessing of the Trickster]! Sam: Gesundheit.
  • (2:03:26) Travis: You’re doing the Weekend at Bernie’s walk.
  • (3:43:18) Jester: Here, Fjord, I found a cloister of seamen for you.