Media References and Puns of 2-37 Dangerous Liaisons

If Nott is Gilligan, which Mighty Nein members are the other characters on Gilligan's Island?

Media References

  • (0:00:57) Brian: The Goth of Wall Street. (Wolf of Wall Street)

  • (0:01:33) Brian: Hide your kids, hide your wives! (Bedroom Intruder)

  • (0:03:46) Brian: Don’t be a dick, please please. (Wheaton’s Law)

  • (0:05:47) Sam enters dressed as Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton, then does the Hamilton pose.

  • (0:13:38) Sam and Ashley sing to the tune of “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton.

    Sam: Sam is our hero is the code to use,
    to buy your books at steeply discount rates. 
    When you go to DnD Beyond, just mention me.
    Ashley: Sam is our hero, and he’s handsome too.
    Look at that smile! And such a boyish face! Oh my god,
    These lyrics are so crappy, 
    Why did I agree?
    Sam: This crowd is loving my song,
    Ashley: They think it’s slightly too long.
    Sam: I’ll win a Tony award after all. 
    I’ll do whatever it takes,
    Ashley: This was an awful mistake!
    Sam: I cannot wait for our- 
    Together: Curtain call!
    Sam is ruining Hamilton.
    I hope the audience knows that Ashley told him ‘No.’
    And we know that we should start the game now,
    But it’s such a pretty song, for DnD Beyond,
    So we sang it anyway.
    Bidet, bidet! 
    Sam is our hero, yeah!
    Bidet, bidet!
    Okay Matt, take it away!

  • (0:15:31) Matt: And thank you, Hamilton, for hopefully enduring that terrible butchering of a wonderful piece of music.

  • (0:15:35) Sam: I think when Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote that song…

  • (0:24:03) Matt: I envision like the anime girl where like all of a sudden the eyes are covered in shadow.

  • (0:44:10) Sam: I’m Gilligan. I was told this was only going to be about three hours long. To be honest, I just thought we were going on a pleasure cruise.

  • (0:54:11) Laura: Have you ever seen The Fifth Element?

  • (1:12:51) Matt: Not Costco. [...] Travis: Great pizza place. Marisha: You can get your crew in bulk.

  • (1:17:39) Fjord: So say we all. (Battlestar Galactica)

  • (1:25:28) Liam: … and if we can help you and your hentai cult achieve your goal… (NSFW)

  • (1:36:45) Laura: All of mine are just playing the Penis Game.

  • (1:38:10) Travis: I can summon the dragon. Laura: You can get a wish! (Dragon Ball Z)

  • (1:50:32) Liam: Is it a guy in a Costco t-shirt?

  • (1:50:38) Sam: We’re in New York, I don’t know if they have Costco. Sam’s Club. (Editor’s note: NYC has Costco and Sam’s Club locations.)

  • (2:27:12) Momlan: Matt, what time is it?  Matt: Only because it’s you. (as McCree) It’s high noon. (Overwatch)

  • (2:30:08) Sam: Bow bow bow! (“Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye)

  • (2:36:44) Marisha: *mimes the Pale Man’s eyes* Travis: That’s some Pan’s Labyrinth s***.

  • (3:09:08) Marisha: F***ing Moses s***.

  • (3:24:23) Taliesin: Some Treasure Island s***!


  • (0:20:40) Marisha: Is this like one of those, what is it, like a parfait?

  • (0:20:58) Marisha: Oh, parfaits are bad.

  • (0:25:30) Travis: I’m gonna tell Beau to activate the windlass and lower the anchor. Marisha: I go over and smack Yasha’s ass.

  • (0:35:22) Matt: You said something about pirates?  Sam: Uh, high rats. There were rats on the top of the mast, and we took care of them.

  • (0:36:17) Laura: Leather thong!

  • (0:52:59) Matt: "... as one of the cocked rifles is now pressed up the base of the head." Taliesin: "Do I know what a rifle is?" Laura: "Do you know what a co-"

  • (1:04:49) Sam: It’s a candle bar.

  • (1:13:04) Marisha: You can get your crew in bulk.

  • (1:14:52) Fjord: Stay away from the captain’s cheese!  Liam: I thought that was a metaphor!

  • (1:15:18) Sam: Krakatoa.

  • (1:21:18) Laura: You have wet dreams too!

  • (1:21:37) Marisha: Do you have wet dreams?

  • (1:22:01) Sam: She beat you to the wet dream?

  • (1:26:37) Liam: Yes, yes, Jumanji Costco, clear as day.

  • (1:29:17) Laura: It depends, is it a fully cocked rifle, or...?

  • (1:29:28) Matt: They’re like a two-handed piece. Laura: *grins and starts shaking her head* Marisha: *starts laughing* Matt: Laura Bailey, ladies and gentlemen.

  • (1:32:14) Laura: Oh, so she would also swallow...

  • (1:45:42) Liam: The hunt for Fjord’s third ball continues.

  • (1:50:38) Sam: We’re in New York, I don’t know if they have Costco. Sam’s Club.

  • (3:09:39) Sam: Wow. Another dream with seamen scattered everywhere.

  • (3:15:45) Taliesin: Hopefully we can fix our Mistake at some point.