Media References and Puns of 2-38 Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle! It’s part of our fun and games.
We got snake and lizard people (critter, we know their names)
We are the people of the Nein searching to find an ancient being’s greed
If you roll low on that Con Save, baby, we got your disease.

Welcome to the jungle, welcome to the jungle,
Why don’t we bring some Yuan-ti to their--
 wait, do snakes have knees?

Media References


  • (0:53:57) Taliesin: Lots of chill. It's hot, but...

  • (1:45:20) Liam: Caleb is going to quick walk over to Avantika … with his back to Spaghetti.

  • (1:56:12) Liam: You can go out and in... sorry.

  • (2:49:15) Liam: Keep it on the DL. Marisha: The dead-low.

  • (2:52:55) Laura: We should probably get snaking on here.

  • (3:15:45) Sam: How does the Lucidean Ocean say goodbye? It just waves...

  • (3:23:11) Taliesin: Oak. Mahogany. Rosewood. Taliesin and Matt: So much stain.