Talks Machina Episode 88 Highlights: Laura's One-Shot

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Tonight’s guests are Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, and a particularly adorable special guest:

  • Announcements: 

    • BtS featuring Matt Mercer is now available on the Twitch channel and will be up on CR’s YouTube live tomorrow.

    • There will be a holiday edition of BtS featuring Ashley Johnson! Brian: “I can’t wait. I’ve got a lot of questions for her.”

    • The next episode of All Work No Play airs this Friday on the CR Twitch. This week, Liam and Sam learn how to spin fire, with guest star Marisha Ray.

    • Remember that Daylight Savings hits the US this week: check if you’re confused! (…about time zones. They probably can’t help you with other things.)

  • Stats for this week’s episode: 

    • Andy dealt the most damage (158) and took the most damage (56). Andy also had the most kills with 6.

    • There were at least 36 unique references to the Schmarry Schmotter series.

  • First, this is happening (yes, it’s Matt’s robe):

  • Laura got the idea of setting the one-shot in the Harry Potter universe because Travis always has the movies on. “I am quite familiar with it.” She kept talking about how she had her whole one-shot planned, but all she had for a long time was “Schmarry Schmotter and the Breakfast Club.”

  • Travis was a Very Big Fan of this idea: “I was pretty happy. I was pretty excited. Mostly because I got to wear Smytherpin colors and hold wands.” Laura had to get Travis to agree ahead of time not to attack the other students.

  • Laura picked the classes for everybody, but let everyone choose which archetype they could be. (She didn’t tell them ahead of time that they were doing Breakfast Club.) Taliesin claimed “jock” instantly.

  • Out of character, Travis and Dani are Slytherins, Laura and Brian are Hufflepuffs, and together they decide that Matt’s a Hufflepuff, Marisha’s a Gryffindor, Liam’s a Ravenclaw, Taliesin’s a Slytherin, and Sam’s… maybe a Slytherin?

  • Gif of the Week: Travis assessing Brian’s wand.

  • Sully is here!

  • The only person who had the full costume was Taliesin. Travis: “I brought part of mine, thank you very much.” (the wand and bandanna)

  • Laura: “I feel like this is already After Dark.” Brian: “This is a nightmare. It’s a Halloween disaster.”

  • They could have avoided the first encounter by just not opening the cage. Laura: “I thought Travis would understand that they were what they were.” (they were doxies) She thought they were going to be good students and trap them instead of attacking them. Travis: “F*** that noise.” Brian: “That never occurred to me once.” She had the tapestries on the wall to bring them down on them. There was also a glass bell jar that could’ve trapped them. Nobody really investigated the room.

  • Fanart of the Week: lightning!

  • Brian: “Rules for the contest on our website. What’s our website, guys?” Laura and Travis just stare in suddenly terrified silence. Brian: “Guys…”

  • Laura came up with the chess/D&D combo because she always has that chessboard on their living room table, ready to go. “Mostly it was because I wanted to bring something from the movies in so I could see Travis’s face when I did it.” She also thought it would be funny to get Sam’s reaction in particular when he thought they’d have to play a whole game of chess. All of the chess pieces had stat blocks modified from animated armor.

  • Laura’s experience with DMing has given her a perspective into the options that players rarely take advantage of; she thinks it might lead her to be a little more creative in combat.

  • Travis gets asked if he’ll ever try playing a Sorcerer in a campaign someday. “F*** no!” He did enjoy having access to more spells.

  • Liam was playing an undocumented animagus, so Laura wanted his transformation into Wild Shape to be a secret.

  • Travis wants to do an NFL-themed D&D one-shot. “Listen, it’s not my job to come up with how I would do it…”

  • Everyone was level 5 in D&D (playing 4th-year wizards in-universe). It was also set in modern times.

  • There was originally going to be an encounter with Peeves/Skeeves the poltergeist, but Laura had to shift it for time constraints.

  • Which animagus forms would they be? Travis: A wolf. “Oh. A werewolf. That’s not original.” Laura: A mouse. “But like a cute one. With really big ears.” Brian: A dolphin.

Talks Machina: Turnt or Treat

  • Could’ve been Son of Aragrog. Opportunity missed.

  • Sam looked up the script of Breakfast Club to be able to say a relevant line for his character at the start.

  • Travis did the mocap for Stan Lee in Spider-Man. He doesn’t remember doing it at all until Laura walks him through it. “That made it into the game? Oh s***. F***.”

  • What would their 80s theme songs be? Laura: Take On Me. Travis: The Final Countdown. Brian: Silent Running.

  • Would Dani ever consider running a one-shot? Dani: *laughs* “No.” She’d play in one, though.

  • Brian will at some point be running a one-shot set in the small town that his favorite TV show is in: Deadwood.