Media References and Puns of The Club of Misfits

Thanks to @jununyx for this art piece!

HP References

Anyone care for a caramel toad or a Schmertie Schmott's Lots-o-Tastes Candy Pellet?

Breakfast Club References

Thanks to @AlexielApril for this art piece!

The tavern owner says, 'So, I don't suppose you'd be needing a butter beer?' The witch says...
...Forgot my quill.

Other Media References

They’re taking the schmobbits to Aragorg!


Beetle is very sorry. Thanks to @Megzilla87 for this art piece!

  • (0:56:52) Liam: They’re all really well hung. Swing away.

  • (1:13:54) Laura: Beetle needs help down below. That sounded really dirty.

  • (1:40:58) Brian: I’ve never plugged a hole before.  Bunder: It happens to us all at some point. It was many years ago…

  • (1:42:05) Allison: You’re the one with the experience plugging holes.

  • (1:51:58) Sam: We’re playing chess and fighting spiders? This is the worst!  Brian: This is D&D Beyond.

  • (2:02:00) Laura: I know I’ve got a whole bag, but I don’t want to pull it all out. Brian: That’s what she said.

  • (2:05:22) Brian: Can I move Dildo Baggins here? Laura: Well, technically this is Dildo Baggins.

  • (2:34:14) Travis: Would you say it’s been... Thunderstruck?