CRStats Favorite Moments Episodes 2-26 - Club of Misfits

Next up in our Favorite Moments series, episodes 2-26 through Laura’s one-shot, Club of Misfits. Enjoy!

  • Keg meets The Mighty Nein (Ep2-26, 0:24:23)

  • The Mighty Nein meet the Crispvale Thicket firbolgs (Ep2-26, 2:18:58)

  • Keg and Nott stay on watch together (Ep2-26, 2:28:44)

Thanks to @bullyart07 for this art piece!

  • Molly and Beau stay on watch together (Ep2-26, 2:54:58)

  • Caleb has a late night monologue (Ep2-26, 2:59:38)

  • Molly’s funeral (Ep2-27, 0:28:03)

  • Caleb meets Nila (Ep2-27, 0:36:22)

  • Nila introduces the gang to her smell bag (Ep2-27, 1:57:39)

Thanks to @RavennoWithTea for this art piece!

  • Keg reads her apology note to Nott (Ep2-27, 2:20:24)

  • The Nein meet Ophelia Mardun (Ep2-27, 2:50:13)


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  • The Nein meet Caduceus Clay (Ep2-28, 0:54:42)

  • Nila gets to Asar and Kitor (Ep2-28, 3:56:28)

  • Matt’s shirt reveal (Ep2-29, 0:16:18)

  • Beau single handedly takes out a guard in one turn (Ep2-29, 0:39:49)

  • The Grand Duchess Anastasia zooms by and Shäkaste meets up with TM9 again (Ep2-29, 0:50:09, 0:52:03)

  • Caduceus gets distracted by wall moss (Ep2-29, 1:09:09)

  • Keg lifts the portcullis (Ep2-29, 1:18:00)

  • Caduceus stabilizes Shäkaste and brings Beau back with 21 HP in one turn (Ep2-29, 3:41:24)

  • “You shouldn’t have killed my cat.” (Ep2-29, 4:02:05)

  • “Case closed.” (Ep2-29, 4:07:11)

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Thanks to @totalpartykillr for this art piece!

  • Trinket finds the rest of the Sweet Brothers (HH2, 0:15:48)

  • Cookie tries to talk to people (HH2, 0:32:50, 0:38:29)

  • The bears meet Vinnie the Pooh (HH2, 0:52:41)

  • The gang all rides on the drink cart (HH2, 1:06:23)

  • The Polar Bears (HH2, 1:07:35)

  • Riding the tandem bicycle (HH2, 1:57:23)

  • Caduceus meets the Pumats (Ep2-31, 0:29:34)

Thanks to andy-allan-poe for this art piece!

  • Beau catches 3 arrows in one round (Ep2-31, 1:30:44)

  • “And there’s only room on that train for one dude!” (Ep2-31, 2:08:53)

  • Jester talks to the Traveler (Ep2-31, 2:31:41)

  • The Mighty Nein meets back up with Bryce… (Ep2-32, 0:30:23)

Thanks to @almoahmed for this art piece!

  • ...And then talk about the traditional Zadash breakfast (Ep2-32, 0:42:46)

  • Caduceus calms an ettin, while Caleb frightens another (Ep2-32, 2:28:40)

  • The Mighty Nein goes varying degrees of pet shopping (Ep2-32, 3:22:49)

Thanks to @Cat_in_a_Box for this art piece!

  • We hear Lawrence, Lucius, and Benicio’s voices for the first time (Werewolf One-Shot, 0:10:46)

  • Aurra intimidates the entangled lackey (Werewolf One-Shot, 2:15:08, 2:36:26)

  • The Mighty Nein go to the beach (Ep2-33, 0:23:05)

  • Jester reunites with her mama (Ep2-33, 1:24:43)

Thanks to @salaidard for this art piece!

Thanks to @TessFowler for this art piece!

  • Captain!! Adella!! (Ep2-34, 0:34:24)

  • Nott threatens the Wayfarer’s Cove (Ep2-34, 1:02:19)

  • Fjord raises his first specter (Ep2-34, 4:18:41)

  • Fjord uses Mask of Many Faces on Algar (Ep2-35, 0:36:06)

  • We meet the racoons (CP, 0:07:45)

  • The original driver concedes to the rules (CP, 0:54:43)

  • Caleb’s tired, buuuuuut he could get to work (Ep2-36, 0:23:23)

Thanks to @AvivOr (@UpTo4Players) for this art piece!

  • Fjord and Jester have a conversation while they sail through some jellyfish (Ep2-36, 2:44:47)

  • The Critical Role cast dresses as pirates (Ep2-37, 0:04:31)

  • The Mighty Nein give their aliases (Ep2-37, 0:41:26)

  • Caduceus gives his read on Avantika (Ep2-37, 1:46:50)

  • Fjord casts Major Image (Ep2-38, 3:11:41)

  • Nott feels the effects of the underground grove’s fruit (Ep2-39, 1:29:08)

  • We meet the Schmogwarts Club of Misfits (Club of Misfits, 0:05:39)

  • The misfits meet Beetle (CoM, 1:12:11)

  • The misfits have to play wizard’s chess (CoM, 1:44:12)

  • Allison turns into a badger (CoM, 2:04:24)

Thanks to @TriaElf9 for this art piece!