What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Urukayxl

Thanks to @karekareo for this art piece!

The Mighty Nein have had quite an adventure since landing in Urukayxl! Their first day was spent traveling, watching a lizardfolk/yuan-ti battle, and kamadans. Since waking up, they’ve traveled to the yuan-ti village, attempted to disguise their way through, killed several yuan-ti, conjured the image of a manticore, scaled a pyramid, gotten high on underground orchard fruit, batted sentient vines, and killed 13 heads-worth of hydra. That’s taken a lot out of them.

They have several options going forward, including going into the warden’s pool to try to find the first seal of Uk’otoa, finding their way out of the pyramid, and getting away from the Yuan-ti village with their lives.

As a reminder, these stats are based solely on what we tracked. If something is presented otherwise in-game, what happens in-game is canon. We always defer to the players.


Thanks to @vandambach for this art piece!

  • HP: 10 / 54

  • Ki Points: 2 / 6

  • Boots of the Vigilant

Beau went unconscious towards the end of the Nein’s battle with the hydra, though she was brought back by Jester. If they take a short rest, she can potentially use her remaining hit dice to heal more, and she’ll regain all of her ki points.



Thanks to @Anna__Malkova for this art piece!

  • HP: 54 / 54

  • Spells:

    • 1st: 0 / 4

    • 2nd: 0 / 3

    • 3rd: 1 / 3

  • Channel Divinity: 0/2

By largely staying out of the fray, Caduceus is full up on health. His spells were incredibly helpful to the Nein, casting Bane on the hydra and healing his compatriots. However, that’s left him nearly out of spells, which he can’t recover until the end of a long rest.



Thanks to @ArtByStarvin for this art piece!

  • HP: 37 / 37

  • Spells:

    • 1st: 2 / 4

    • 2nd: 2 / 3

    • 3rd: 0 / 3

Admittedly, Caleb is sitting more comfortably than we originally thought at the end of the hydra battle. He stayed out of sight, which prevented him from drawing the ire of the hydra or the yuan-ti abomination, and Jester kept him out of trouble against the vines. He used up all of his third level spells, arcane recovery, and the glove of blasting, but he’s still got four spell slots left today.



Thanks to @yuugiarts for this art piece!

  • HP: 54 / 63

  • Spells: 0 / 2

  • Accursed Specter

Warlock spells are easy come, easy go, but Fjord can recover them if the Nein takes a short rest before potentially going in search for whatever seals Uk’otoa.



Thanks to @aimoahmed for this art piece!

  • HP: 24 / 48

  • Spells:

    • 1st: 0 / 4

    • 2nd: 0 / 3

    • 3rd: 0 / 3

  • Channel Divinity: 1/2

  • Pearl of Power

Beau may be in the worst shape, healthwise, but Jester is completely out of leveled spell slots for the day. Luckily, she’s got a variety of cantrips for whatever situation they could land themselves in: Spare the Dying, Toll the Dead, Sacred Flame, Mending, and Thaumaturgy.



Thanks to @deerlordhunter for this art piece!

  • HP: 30 / 47

  • Spells: 1 / 3

Nott went unconscious against the vines, but managed to maintain her restored health through the hydra and abomination battle by staying at range. What lies ahead, though, is a pool of water...



Thanks to @rlinarts for this art piece!

  • HP: 28 / 68

  • Rages: 1 / 4

  • Necrotic Shroud, Healing Hands

Yasha took a couple of nasty hits from the abomination’s longbow prior to raging, which docked her health pretty significantly. She’ll also have to be careful to conserve her final rage for the day, depending on where the Nein go next.



Thanks to @Cha_C_San for this art piece!

  • HP Lost: 34

  • Spells used: Produce Flame (cantrip), Invisibility (2nd)

Avantika, as we’ve seen, wields two weapons, a +1 rapier and a dagger, and is able to make three attacks in a round. Additionally, she went invisible to get to the temple, was willing and able to cast it a second time on someone else when asked about it later, and used a Produce Flame cantrip to startle the hallucinating Nott. From that, we’re inclined to think that she’s at least a 7th-level Eldritch Knight Fighter with two-weapon fighting and the Dual Wielder feat (the rapier she wields isn’t considered light).



Thanks to @my2k for this art piece!

  • HP Lost: 0

Jamedi has been clear since the beginning: he’s not a fighter. He’s only prepared to deal with combat insomuch as he has to in order to get away with his life (well, undeath, potentially).