Talks Machina Episode 90 Highlights

Rose is out this week, so we’re handling the Talks Machina recap here!

Tonight’s guests are Liam and Taliesin, with special guest HOST, Dani Carr!

Pillow!Brian takes Dani’s spot at her table.

Pillow Brian.png

While the Dani cam moves to the Talks set!

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  • Final episode of this season of All Work No Play is this Friday. Sam and Liam are kicking back in a hot tub with guests from this past season.

  • Critical Role is raising money for Operation Supply Drop in November. Check out their fundraising campaign at

  • Second art book! Chronicles of Exandria Volume 2 is available at and

  • New hoodies! Well, new take on the same hoodie.

Stats for this week:

  • Caleb cast his 100th Alarm spell this episode. (To be clear, we count him as counting it every time they take a long rest, not just when he says it, since Liam confirmed Caleb casts it every night)

  • Caduceus has healed other people for 328 damage since he appeared in episode 28.

  • Caleb has the highest Nat20 rate (6.6%) for a current Mighty Nein member, but Molly had a rate of 7%.

  • Who won the Molly and Caleb rap battle? Any interest in spitting rhymes?  We all won. Both would be interested in rapping.

  • Giving the periapt to Caduceus was for to help keep the healer alive and to make up for how rough the going has been for him. Taliesin imagines that Cad has spent some time on the ship forcing himself to get into the water to get used to it. It’s nature, too.

  • Taliesin thought it was about time to get the periapt back, and was glad it wasn’t buried with Molly.

  • Caduceus likes everybody in The Mighty Nein quite a bit, but to be fair, the list of people he doesn’t like is short (but includes a sibling and Jamedi).

  • Excluding Caduceus from Feather Fall was because Liam didn’t realize Caduceus was unconscious.

  • Caduceus sees potential in Caleb to be a positive influence on the world if he would get his s*** together.

  • Everyone agrees that Laura was on fire this past week.

  • Caleb’s thoughts during his conversation with Caduceus? Caleb doesn’t handle people treating him nicely very well.

  • Caduceus is a monastery kid, subjected to one train of thought for this whole life. He loves the idea of opposing viewpoints on the world, but hasn’t really had to deal with those yet. Jester and Caduceus’ conversation gave him a different idea about the relationship between people and the world. She gave him a way of starting to process that.

  • Caleb also likes the Nein. There’s some project management wrapped up in his recent gifts (periapt to Caduceus, loan of Frumpkin to Beau). Caleb was trained to be practical and friendly/charming when he was younger. Caleb would see his sentimentality as a fault, but all of his drives are sentiment-based, and sentiment has kept him alive.

  • Caduceus has some moral qualms about theft, but it’s complicated. Ownership and possession is a very civilized thing. But there’s some give and take in the way one inflicts damage on the world.

  • Liam and Taliesin have enjoyed the seafaring lifestyle in-game.

  • Caleb feels safe where they are, but doesn’t want to be in this situation forever.

  • Fan art of the week: Avantika and the Squalleater arrive in Darktow

  • Caduceus is paying attention to make sure to keep everyone in check. They’re scoundrels, not a problem.

  • Taliesin was almost tattooed against his will. He doesn’t followup on that.

  • Caleb anticipates getting pranked by Jester with the paints, but he’s okay with it. He has a soft spot for her because she makes him laugh.

  • Caduceus thinks of Fjord/Avantika as “politically inconvenient schtupping.” It creates friction with Jester, and Avantika is crazy. Taliesin admits that Cad is a little judgmental.

  • Taliesin and Liam thinks the Jester and Traveler conversation was creepy and dark. They ponder who’s more dangerous: the Traveler or Uk’otoa.

  • Caleb’s mentioning of his father was a way of getting out of actually answering Fjord’s question.

  • Liam now has a backup character, but he didn’t at the time that Caleb told Beau and Nott his backstory. If his backstory came out in a way that went poorly, he would take off from the Nein.

  • Caleb sees Fjord as a thoughtful, intelligent person, who can’t seem to stop following the thread of his own story, despite its danger (much like Caleb).

  • Caduceus really hates undead. He had a paranoid distrust of Jamedi.

  • Caleb telling Fjord to “do what he had to” was him condoning Fjord sleeping with Avantika if it means it keeps the Nein safe.

  • Caduceus could be persuaded to draw a dick.

  • All praise to the fan works! The critter gift exchanges are brought up by Taliesin. The fandom lifts each other up. Liam brings up @sketchingsprw’s art of the twins flying through the sky after the Thordak fight and reflecting on their mother was one very meaningful artwork of many.

After Dark: So dark. So after.

Pillow matt.png

Pillow!Matt has replaced Pillow!Brian.

Brian head.png

Bust of Fjord is replaced with Bust of Brian.

  • How do they determine who’s on Talks? After watching the episode, the behind the scenes folk talk about who had story beats to talk about on the Talks, and then take who was recently on in consideration.

  • Magical tattoo as a normal human? Liam: Intelligence upgrade for him and Caleb.  Taliesin: Dexterity upgrade for him and Caduceus. Unless you could go above the normal 20 ceiling. Caleb’s second choice is charisma. Taliesin doesn’t think he’s taking a stat upgrade at level 8.  Dani would take a Constitution bonus.

  • Don’t drink a bottle of ghost pepper sauce. Taliesin had a ghost pepper plant that he grew.

  • Other than dicks, what would they want to make out of the magical paints? Taliesin: Tardis-y space bendy stuff.  Caleb: Access to all the libraries. Then they’re reminded of the 25 gold limit. Dani: Clothes. The group discusses a reenactment of the Take On Me video.

  • Tal and Liam both have hinky knees.

  • Tal wants to see a Vex vs. Scanlan rap battle.  Liam: Vex vs. Vax. Grog vs. Jester. Caleb vs. Lyra. Clarota vs. Orly.   Dani: Beau vs. Percy. Percy vs. Percy. Percy vs. Molly. Liam: Gilmore vs. Pumat, Pumat, Pumat, and Pumat.

  • Liam won’t say he’ll be sad when Brian comes back next week, but Taliesin will.