Media References and Puns of 2-42 A Hole in the Plan

Stop painting holes in my ship!

Media References


  • (0:38:20) Sam: She’s horny, baby.

  • (0:42:53) Marisha: Is that Blues Traveler? It is The Traveler.

  • (1:20:27) Travis: … the best way to maybe keep a small finger on … Marisha, Liam, and Laura: *laugh* Travis: … the pulse of things is just to…

  • (1:22:20) *immediately after Nott and Beau relieve themselves in an alley* Matt: You all make your way, gathering once more in the Bloated Cup. Everyone: *laughs* Taliesin: That’s where you’re supposed to go, God!

  • (1:41:39) Liam: Call him Honda.

  • (2:28:20) Liam: *snaps* Charlie Adler. Matt: The best new abracadabra.

  • (3:04:53) Liam: The Bloated Cup. Fjord’s bloated cup.

  • (3:21:50) Sam: But we can turn this problem into a proble-tunity.

  • (3:59:54) Sam: It’s worth its weight in salt?