Quick Answers 68

It’s been a busy number of months here at CritRoleStats, and a while since we’ve answered your questions. Apologies to those who have been waiting a while for a response, but, here you go! Answers updated as of 2-42.

How many days has Yasha been with the party?

Out of 106 total days the party has been together, Yasha has been present for 49 of them.

How many days has Caduceus been with the party, compared to Mollymauk?

Molly joined the party for 39 days (26 episodes). Caduceus has joined the party for 66 days (15 episodes).

What service does Sam use for his t-shirts?

Sam uses two apps: YoShirt and RageOn. Thanks to Emmy-award winning Sam Riegel for the reply!

I was wondering if you guys could keep track of the things Caduceus has decomposed so far.

If you’re interested in Cad’s spellcasting, check out our Spells Cast chart! It lists a timestamp for each spell so you can go to the episode and look. You can do a CTRL+F search for Decompose.

  • (Ep2-28, 3:34:54) Iron Nest Guard

  • (Ep2-30, 2:42:38) Molly

  • (Ep2-32, 3:18:06) Ettin

  • (Ep2-35, 0:37:25) Algar’s hand

  • (Ep2-36, 3:43:04) Harpies

  • (Ep2-38, 0:26:26) Dead snakes

  • (Ep2-38, 1:48:06) Kamadan 1

  • (Ep2-38, 1:48:06) Kamadan 2

  • (Ep2-39, 0:47:55) Yuan-ti priestess

Have you tracked Caleb's PTSD wisdom saves?

If you’re interested in rolls, check out our All Rolls charts! You can do a CTRL+F search for Wisdom Save.

  • (Ep2-07, 3:52:16) Yeenoghu Priest, Failure

  • (Ep2-23, 1:09:07) Poison Troll, Failure

  • (Ep2-28, 3:32:07) Wohn, Success

  • (Ep2-29, 4:07:04) Lorenzo, Success

  • (Ep2-32, 3:17:00) Ettin 2, Failure

What’s the range of Retort?

According to the Gunslinger Martial Archetype, as a pistol, Retort has a range of 60/240.

Which episode does Liam look at the camera and say, “This is a GAME?!”

Episode 1-78 (2:26:00), after spending a Lucky point while Vax sparred with Kashaw right before the final assault against Thordak.

Which of Mollymauk’s cards did we see?

  • (Ep2-01, 0:51:32) Silver Dragon- “This is good. You are pure. You are of virtue. You are worthwhile and wonderful human being, obviously, or creature of some repute.”

  • (Ep2-01, 0:51:46) Anvil- “That is a destiny forged! There is something bright and adventurous in your future.”

  • (Ep2-01, 0:52:23) Serpent - “Of course you did.”

  • (Ep2-01, 0:53:22) Eye- “You’ve already found the clue you’re looking for, you just don’t know what it is yet.”

  • (Ep2-01, 2:02:17) Moon

  • (Ep2-01, 2:02:17) Shadow

  • (Ep2-03, 3:18:11) Unknown from the bottom of the deck

  • (Ep2-05, 0:24:55) The Chariot

  • (Ep2-26, 2:35:48) Moon

  • (Ep2-30, 2:35:51) Moon

Did we ever learn who the Deck of Many Things belonged to before it ended up in Thordak’s hoard?

At this time, this has not been explained or explored.

Can you track how many times Matt says…?

We recognize that many of you are relatively new to the work we do, so we’d like to reiterate that we stopped tracking and no longer publish how many times phrases came up a loooong time ago. (Some of us still get a twitch whenever we hear “proper.”) However, if YOU are feeling ambitious, CRTranscript’s archives can enable you! Bear in mind that their transcripts are edited for captions, so they are not strictly verbatim. Filler words, phrases, and side comments are cut for caption clarity.