Media References and Puns of 2-40 Dubious Pursuits

Water and snakes. Why did it have to be water and snakes?

Media References


  • (0:00:57) Sam: I am ketchup!  Taliesin: Which, ironically, you did.

  • (0:01:22) Marisha: I’m Lisa Frank Castle.

  • (0:03:24) Matt: Kylo Walken?

  • (0:05:33) Sam: Our cinematographer, Giuseppe Fister. Wonderful work, powerful work. Our gaffer, Blumpkin Styles, the most daring in the biz. Sound mixer, Randy Cockburn. Didn’t think you could pull it off like that. Best Boy, Mike Literis, I can’t believe I found you. Our producer, Willy Stroker, you’ve got a finger on the pulse, sir. Casting director, Ima Dumas. And, of course, my agents at CAA: Amanda Hump, Keeper Cummings, Dickson Beavers, Harry Sacks, Otto Bemakraken, Wilma Fingerdo, Irma Wanker, Drew P. Weiner. Thank you all for believing in this project. Also, my inspiration, my mentor, Hugh Janus. Mr. Janus, wherever he is, I think Hugh Janus is smiling down on all of us tonight.

  • (0:28:19) Travis: The Ki’Nau.  Marisha: The quinoa?

  • (1:17:50) Sam: Meese’s... Neanut Butter Cups?

  • (1:30:48) Sam: Money shot.

  • (1:35:43) Matt: -that’s snaking through the city... no pun intended.

  • (1:47:54) Sam: General Strength. That was my nickname in high school.

  • (2:05:11) Sam: Do we really only have Mutterfingers, Blop Poppers and Werts?  Travis: No, there’s also Smundge. Sam: I want me some Meanut Mutter Mumps! Liam: That’s all they had at Schmogsmeade!

  • (3:04:48) Travis: Captain Twitchwood. Do you know him?

  • (3:10:00) Sam: Oh man, I’m getting some Twitchwood ready.

  • (3:11:39) Liam: Right in the blowhole.

  • (3:14:03) Liam: That’s a good... finish.

  • (3:16:25) Liam: Seamen seamen everywhere. Sam and Taliesin: And not a drop to drink.