Media References and Puns of 2-44 The Diver's Grave

The adventure begins, they were always beside you
Your nerdy best friends and the DM to guide you
And they rise from flames for the battles ahead
Villains beware, 'cause you're about to be dead!

They got magic and flair, they got falchions and cunning
They don't see over there: there's a monster incoming
Inspiration is waiting, rise up, don't think twice
Put your fate in your hands. Take a chance, roll the dice!

Can you answer the call? Dig in deep in your soul
As the legend unfolds, now it's your turn to roll!

Media References

  • (0:01:12) Travis: *intones Jurassic Park theme*

  • (0:01:46) Sam: Do you want to hear Spice Girls or Golden Girls?

  • (0:02:06) Taliesin: Bea Arthur.

  • (0:02:11) Sam: Thank you for being our Yev… (“Thank You For Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold, Cynthia Fee)

  • (0:17:41) Matt: This [note] was written, left behind by Logic.

  • (0:17:55) Matt: all of Neverland.

  • (0:31:56) Travis: ...Superman style in the water.

  • (0:32:23) Liam: We’re Ed Harris now. (The Abyss)

  • (0:39:16) Laura: My spidey-sense is tingling.

  • (0:40:04) Matt: It’s like a reverse facehugger.

  • (1:11:23) Taliesin: You got Baned! Bane’s pretty cool.

  • (1:13:14) Matt: You swim forward, kind of rocketing forward Aquaman-style…

  • (1:19:00) Marisha, *singing*: Ashley come back! Laura, *singing*: Ashley come back! (“Baby Come Back” by Player)

  • (1:26:15) Liam: Like a Zorro mask.

  • (1:32:15) Laura: There’s, like, a light. Sam: Over at the Frankenstein house? (Rocky Horror Picture Show) Thanks to Jason for this reference!

  • (1:49:01) Travis: Can she please be the infomercials where she has trouble picking up the coins?

  • (2:18:34) Marisha: *sings “Entry of the Gladiators” by Julius Fucik*

  • (2:26:02) Travis: I’d say burn it down, but (singing) “under da sea.”

  • (2:27:10) Sam: Gentle chill, a Jack Johnson song.

  • (2:27:30) Laura: Just don’t make it like The Ring girl or like The Grudge. Travis: Stop! Why would you even put that out there?!?

  • (2:41:33) Taliesin: F*** off, ghost! (Thor: Ragnarok)

  • (2:51:48) Matt: It’s like a nightmarish Ariel’s grotto, almost.

  • (2:55:38) Liam: It is The Ring!  Laura: You’re fighting The Grudge!

  • (2:57:17) Travis: Did you ever see Cabin in the Woods? Do you know how bad this is gonna get?

  • (3:06:17) Laura: And my axe! (Fellowship of the Ring)

  • (3:16:24) Sam: She’s a fast swimmer, a regular Michael Phelps!

  • (3:16:33) Matt: You watch as she skitters across the wall, grabbing the seaweed and using it almost Tarzan-like to thrust herself forward…

  • (3:17:29) Marisha: I’m just going to Keanu Reeves ghost-punch her. Y’know, punching ghosts. Travis: Was that a Matrix reference?

  • (3:23:10) Liam: Lord of the Rings eagle music starts playing.

  • (3:25:41) Matt: It’s very like Perry Bible Fellowship, I think?

  • (3:34:17) Matt: It’s made of f***ing cookies! NSFW

  • (4:10:55) Matt: It’s just the ending of Total Recall, right there in the middle of the ocean.

  • (4:12:01) Laura: I feel like I’m walking on Jello, but I like it.

  • (4:15:10) Matt: We’ll be having Deborah Ann Woll joining us.


  • (1:02:39) Sam: What do you give to a merrow who sings poorly? Auto-tuna!

  • (1:11:23) Taliesin: You got Baned! Bane’s pretty cool.

  • (1:21:48) Liam: ...and see the Shallow King and say “Ugh, fick dich,” [...] Sam: It’s fish dick. Marisha: Fish dick. Laura: Fish dicks. Sam: Mmm, I’d love a nice fish dick right now. With some tartar sauce. [...] Liam: … the magic missiles will just spiral around Fish Dick’s head…

  • (3:43:06) Liam: That’s mighty fine! Mighty fine! Mighty Nein.