Media References and Puns of 2-45 The Stowaway

(To the tune of Bon Jovi’s “Runaway”)
On a ship where you hide Nein watching all the sea and skies 
They're tough seafaring folks
A touch of squirrel hair in your eyes

All your life all you asked
What can I get this neat ball to do
Well, it has another world
Where you drag your new friends in to

No one saw the crate in which you ate chocolate and hid 
They should have seen it in your eyes
Just how clever is the inside of your head

Oh, she's a little stowaway
Gnomish girl learned fast
How to charm in every way
Oooooooh, she's a little stowaway!

Media References


  • (0:55:46) Twiggy: How many tickles does it make to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles!

  • (1:37:30) Liam: Halas! (said like ‘Holla!’)

  • (2:45:45) Sam: A Ruby in the Astral Sea?

  • (2:51:01) Sam: Marishative.