Media References and Puns of 2-43 In Hot Water

Out of the frying pan, into the deep blue sea.

Media References

  • (0:04:38) Matt: The Heroes of the Vale thing has friend of the show TJ Storm, Todd Kenreck also. Mearls is amazing, I’ve had opportunity to play with him a couple times.

  • (0:06:11) Matt: We’ve teamed up with our good friend Patrick Rothfuss and his fantastic charity, Worldbuilders.

  • (0:20:40) Travis: This is like the most precarious Operation game ever.

  • (0:23:58) Marisha: You’re Doctor Strange now.

  • (0:25:10) Liam: Bye, Felicia.

  • (0:40:08) Matt: This Flash-like entity.

  • (0:43:52) Liam: How about RAWBERRY? (Power Thirst)

  • (0:44:40) Laura: *Christopher Walken voice* That’s really low!

  • (0:56:21) Liam: Flames! On the side of my face! Heaving-- (Clue)

  • (0:57:50) Liam: That was like Babe Ruth summoning a demon from hell.

  • (1:07:33) Sam: Deez dice.

  • (1:17:00) Liam: With great power… (Spider-Man)

  • (1:21:07) Marisha: You have to stay far away from Winston (Overwatch)

  • (1:22:32) Taliesin: I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! (Network)

  • (1:40:29) Liam: She’s Prancercising!  Travis: Those all-white New Balance.  Laura: Going to Stein Mart, baby!

  • (1:43:49) Taliesin: I was having so much Treasure Island flashbacks. That’s one of my favorite books.

  • (2:00:54) Liam: *Mickey Mouse laugh*

  • (2:02:05) Travis: Whitestone saw the fire. (“The Sign” by Ace of Base)

  • (2:04:14) Marisha: It’s a Gwar concert?

  • (2:42:06) Matt: Damn it, Bobby. (King of the Hill)

  • (2:43:08) Liam: Max Headroom coming at you from the mid-80s! [...] Liam: He was in The Stand as the Trashcan Man.  Matt: He was, and he play the part of Jobe in Lawnmower Man 2.

  • (2:45:29) Taliesin: You can as obtuse as you’d like.  [...] Travis: Thank you for the Shawshank “obtuse” reference.  Liam: (Morgan Freeman voice) Right about then, Caduceus…

  • (2:46:56) Liam: Diplomatic immunity. (Lethal Weapon 2)

  • (2:50:30) Taliesin and Marisha: Hats and teddies, hats hats and teddies. (original by DJ Assault) NSFW

  • (2:50:45) Marisha: Chanel No. 5.

  • (3:03:29) Taliesin: It’s like the part in Mary Poppins where everyone holds the china.

  • (3:08:45) Liam: Is it Mike Meyers?

  • (3:08:52) Sam: The little spoons? The collectible ones? [...]  Marisha: North Carolina spoons, Sam! Sam: Pewter? Travis: With the flag painted into the handle. Sam:  Sam: Plates? Those little collectible plates from what is it? The Stanford Mint or whatever? Taliesin: Franklin.  Sam: Franklin Mint! Thank you, Franklin Mint!

  • (3:24:14) Marisha: I would like to sing a little Kumbaya song and refresh everybody on the Diver’s Grave: *singing* Kumbaya, the cursed woman, Kumbaya Dashilla, Dashilla with claws that grasp,  Travis: Do we need to have the rights to that song? Marisha: *singing* Oh god I hope not. She’s got a hungry eye With lantern light, Dashilla the cursed woman, She’s got treasures in her eye, Dashilla the cursed (Kumbaya)

  • (3:29:19) Laura: He’s like Guy Threepwood now.

  • (3:29:28) Matt: He’s definitely rocking more like a Pirates of Penzance thing going on.

  • (3:31:47) Marisha: Yeah, Globetrotters.


  • (0:01:30) Sam: So bring your siggles and long flowing hair…

  • (0:54:40) Marisha: Wings on ice!

  • (1:20:38) Sam: A lot of f***s from the Willingham family tonight. Liam: And that’s why we have Ronin!

  • (1:36:23) Sam: We hate seamen.