Character Class Updates: Level Three

As we mentioned in our first article about the new-to-this-campaign classes, often features of a class aren’t decided until level 3, once the character has had the chance to explore the world and figure out what path they’d like to take. Not every class is that way: Clerics choose their domain at level one and Druids choose their Circle at level two, for example. We already wrote about Beau’s level three monk tradition in our battle analysis last week, so we wanted to give the level three updates now that we know what almost everyone, save Yasha, has chosen.

Nott: Arcane Trickster

Thanks to @AsheFace for this art piece!

We got to be very familiar with Assassin rogues in the Tal’Dorei campaign, as both twins elected to focus their abilities on the swift killing of their foes. Nott, who has admired and learned from Caleb’s magic in their travels, now can use spells as a part of her abilities as an Arcane Trickster.

At third level, she knows three cantrips and three spells of 1st level, all from the Wizard spell list, and she has two 1st level spell slots every day. For her cantrips, Mage Hand is required, and we’ve seen that she’s already chosen Message. She gets special abilities with her Mage Hand Legerdemain, making it possible for her to pickpocket, disarm traps, and pick locks from a distance. For her 1st level spells, two must be from the schools of enchantment or illusion, but the third can be from any school of magic.

These spells are not switched out daily, though she can switch out a spell for another when she levels, much like Scanlan could do with his bard spells. The two spells we saw in Episode 2-05 were Silent Image and Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.

Molly: Order of the Ghostslayer

Thanks to @chromaticgray for this art piece!

Technically, Blood Hunters commit to an order before they’re even officially a Blood Hunter. An order will give a potential Blood Hunter access to the Hunter’s Bane, the poisonous concoction that, if the person survives, will change their body’s chemistry to hone their senses to the darkness they seek to destroy. If the Blood Hunter makes it to level three, they are rewarded by that order with access to special knowledge. There are four orders (all created by Matthew Mercer): Ghostslayer, Profane Soul, Mutant, and Lycan. Tova was an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter who willingly became a were-bear and learned to harness the power that came with it.

Mollymauk, however, is a member of the oldest order, the Ghostslayers. The focus of this order is on the destruction of the undead and the manipulation of the ethereal to their benefit. At third level, Molly gained access to a new Rite, the Rite of the Dawn, which we saw him use against the gnolls to deal radiant damage in Episode 2-05. It also deals additional radiant damage against undead based on the Blood Hunter’s wisdom modifier.

Fjord: Pact of the Blade

Thanks to shalizeh7 for this art piece!

Warlocks, by the nature of how they gain their magic, choose or are chosen by their patron at level one. At level three, their patron rewards them for their work thus far with a Pact Boon. There are three options in the PHB: Pact of the Chain, Blade, and Tome. As far as we know, Zahra was a Pact of the Tome Warlock, which gave her access to three extra cantrips to cast at-will. Fjord is now a Pact of the Blade Warlock. He can create any kind of a weapon as a pact weapon in his hand as an action and be proficient with it while wielding it. Hexblades specifically can choose to make the sword they already wield their pact weapon. However, the weapon Fjord creates doesn’t necessarily have to be his falchion. If what he told the group about how he came to carry the falchion is true, he may continue to create it as his pact weapon since it seems to tie him to his patron. Speaking of his patron…

We got our first glimpse at Fjord’s patron in Episode 2-05. The massive, yellow-eyed, underwater being seems like a divergence from the Shadowfell-based patron described in Xanathar’s. Fjord’s mysterious patron only spoke telepathically in single word statements:

What are you? Watching.
Watching me? Potential.
My potential? (silence)
What are you asking of me? Learn.
What would you have me learn? Learn. Grow. Provoke. Consume.
Learn, grow, provoke, consume. I don’t understand. Reward.
A reward for this. I’m listening. Patience.