Media References and Puns of 2-05 The Open Road

Question: Are "nine/nein" puns listed in this article?
Answer: NEIN. Those can be found here. (Though plenty of sea-based puns surfaced here, among others.)

Media References

  • (0:07:00) Laura: The Shadow of War expansion pack, The Blade of Galadriel came out!
  • (0:13:13) Matt: Imagination!  Laura: You’re doing it, Peter, you’re doing it!  Taliesin: Bangarang! (Hook)
  • (0:24:07) Liam: Wakka wakka! (Fozzie Bear)
  • (0:25:56) Travis: Reach for the sky! (Toy Story)
  • (0:25:58) Taliesin: Be careful, those fingers are loaded! (Blazing Saddles)
  • (0:33:31) Taliesin: She’s starting to believe. (The Matrix)
  • (0:55:09) Liam: You would tell us if something was wrong, Rorschach.
  • (1:09:16) Liam: Vasquez.  Travis: You’re just too bad, Vasquez.  Matt: Vasquez is a pretty good print. Vasquez and Starbuck from the new Battlestar.
  • (1:10:49) Liam: It must be nice! (“Washington on Your Side” from Hamilton)
  • (1:21:12) Matt: It’s like Rammstein on that side of the table! (Du Hast)
  • (1:18:18) Taliesin: Does this make my spider sense tingle? (Spider-man)
  • (1:37:27) Liam: (singing) G-N-O-L-L! (Jell-o)
  • (1:37:51) Travis: (singing) Happy trails to you! (Roy Rogers)
  • (1:39:47) Marisha: I’m going to throw it like a Gambit card.
  • (1:42:05) Marisha: Feel like a Loony Tunes cartoon.
  • (1:50:08) Laura: Hit him with the rock! (Batman: The Animated Series)
  • (1:52:27) All: Regular gnoll! Regular gnoll! (“Breakin’ the Law” by Judas Priest)
  • (1:56:19) Nott: This is fine! (Gunshow Comic)
  • (2:03:57) Matt: And Sparta kicks it off the edge of the roof. (300)
  • (2:16:15) Sam: (singing) Get up offa that ground!  Marisha, Laura, and Travis: Huh! (“Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown)
  • (2:25:17) Marisha: I’m going to do a Star Wars-style flourish…
  • (2:27:32) Travis: (singing) Pour some sugar on him, maybe he’s allergic! (“Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard)
  • (2:28:13) Taliesin and Marisha: This is fine! (Gunshow Comic)
  • (2:37:46) Liam: Come on. Sam: Shamone. Marisha and Laura: Shamone!
  • (2:39:18) Marisha: No bad Halle Berry lines! (X-Men)
  • (2:40:40) Marisha: Sauntering like a bada** John Woo film.  Caleb: Doves everywhere.
  • (2:48:53) Taliesin: He is he triggering my spider sense at all? (Spider-man)
  • (3:14:45) Liam: I would like to think that you just leaned down to the same gnoll cutting, going “Same hat. Same hat.” (Same Hat Meme)
  • (3:28:50) Taliesin: Herbal. (pronouncing the h) Liam: Because there's a f***ng 'h' in it. (Eddie Izzard) NSFW
  • (3:29:44) Matt: That was some Jackie Chan s***!
  • (3:29:50) Taliesin: Now we need to have a Stephen Chow night, that was crazy.


  • (0:15:33) Molly: I’m not going to swallow a curved sword, that would be very complicated to pull off!  Caleb: If anybody can do it, it’s you.  Nott: Tiefling anatomy is very strange.  Molly: I’m flexible; I’m not *that* flexible. I’m pretty flexible.
  • (0:17:40) Liam: That’s not Scanlan, that’s Percy. But you did f*** me, Percy.  Taliesin: I try.
  • (0:18:39) Beau: Do they look like they’re traders? Not traitors, traders.
  • (0:57:33) Beau: It tastes like a seamen.
  • (0:58:56) Fjord: That sword, it’s a pickle.  Beau: It’s a pickled sword? Are there benefits to pickling your weapons?
  • (1:03:05) Caleb: Would you trust me to study it?  Fjord: You have any experience with items like this?  Caleb: I’m good at figuring things out.
  • (1:07:01) Molly: His name was Winter’s Crest. [...] Sam: Maybe for short we’ll call him W.C. [...] Caleb: Do you know what W.C. means?  Nott: What’s it mean?  Caleb: Toilet.  Nott: It’s a pun.
  • (1:18:38) Liam: We leave the toilet behind and we run.
  • (1:37:48) Sam: Bowin’ Beau.
  • (2:12:11) Sam: The grassy gnoll?
  • (2:38:58) Nott: What happens when a frog’s wagon breaks town? It gets toad away!
  • (2:44:21) Sam: Vroom, vroom vroom. Start up the Fjord.