Update, 2/3/2018: Fixed! Thanks to @SomeBriley for helping us pinpoint the bad code so we could eliminate it!

Update, 2/2/2018: After some troubleshooting, it seems that, even if the ads were initially responsible for the malicious code, several folks are still being redirected even with the ads removed. So, the problem therein lies with the site itself. Our host has been unable to assist with this issue, so we’ll begin deconstructing the site this weekend to root it out. Depending on the success of our efforts, the site may be down for the next week. We’ll continue to update stats and posts to the main site for those who are still looking, but any blog links we publish will direct to our Tumblr, in the meantime. 

While the main site is still up, we’ve discovered that if the browser you’re using has already received the redirect, it has probably been inoculated. Clearing cookies or visiting the site with a brand new browser may trigger the redirect code again, to which we can only advise in the meantime that you click out and attempt to revisit the site again in a new tab or window.

We’ll keep you posted. If you have any detailed information that can help pinpoint the source of the redirect, please send it our way. Thank you all for making us aware, and thank you for both your support and patience!