Quick Answers 59

It’s been a while, but yes, we’re still collecting and answering questions!

How soon do you update your character sheets?

In order to limit spoilers, all updates to the character sheets will be delayed until after the episodes have posted to YouTube on Monday. While we appreciate the mass amounts of enthusiasm we have received in the form of comments, rest assured that we likely already have recorded these in our notes!

How much time has passed since Vox Machina’s conclusion and the beginning of the new campaign?

Vox Machina: 812 PD during Vecna’s rise.
New Campaign: begins 835 PD.
So approximately 22-23 years have passed since Vecna’s defeat and the beginning of the new campaign.

Why the h*ck does Sam have “Front Butt” on his mug in Ep2-02?

In Talks Machina # 49, Laura talked about her role in selecting screencaps from the photoshoot they had surrounding shooting of the new opening credits. She lamented having to look at Sam’s legs in those shorts, stating that when they were pushed together, it looked like he had a “front butt.”

Are you keeping track of--

Maybe! If it’s specifically tied to the Wildemount campaign, we’ll be keeping the links to the ongoing lists on the Wildemount Campaign Running Stats page. Of the requests we’ve received, some of the new running stats for the new campaign include the following:

I have a questions I’d like to ask during the live episode broadcast!

Great! While you might get lucky and catch our attention on Twitter, the odds of us being able to stop, research, and answer your query while we’re also covering the live show are often pretty low. We try to read your comments and gather your questions at the end of the night to use in our Quick Answers, but sometimes tweets get buried. If you’re legitimately curious, your best bet is to send a question to our inbox so we can look at it when we have more time to research!

What was the bonus that Marisha got for the new campaign from the Level 20 Battle Royale?

As far as we know, if one was granted, it was never explicitly stated.

Would it be too much to also track how many times people say "Here's the thing..."

Short answer, yes. There’s a lot of recurring words and phrases (#sigil), and we’re beyond the point of being able to capture them all. However, depending on your level of curiosity, our friends at CRTranscript can make this easy to determine, with a quick search through their documents!

Could you compare Keyleth and Beau’s animal handling checks?

Luckily, there weren’t many of those!


  • 19 (Ep1-26, 3:26:13)
  • Unknown (Ep1-45, 2:02:29) disregarded due to advantage
  • 22 (Ep1-45, 2:02:29) with advantage
  • Nat1 (Ep1-95, 1:56:17)


  • 11 (Ep2-02, 0:20:05)
  • 6 (Ep2-03, 1:10:03)

How many episodes started with an initiative roll?

17 episodes:

  1. Episode 1-10
  2. Episode 1-19
  3. Episode 1-21
  4. Episode 1-27
  5. Episode 1-28
  6. Episode 1-31
  7. Episode 1-39
  8. Episode 1-52
  9. Episode 1-55
  10. Episode 1-58
  11. Episode 1-66
  12. Episode 1-76
  13. Episode 1-79
  14. Episode 1-85
  15. Episode 1-93
  16. Episode 1-108
  17. Episode 2-03

Was Nott’s 0 deception in Ep2-04 the first ever goose egg, or did one happen in the previous campaign?

Nott’s deception in Ep2-04 was the second zero in this campaign:

  1. Nott, Deception, Ep2-02 (3:15:48)
  2. Nott, Deception, Ep2-04 (0:47:57)

Including guest players, there were 6 zeros rolled in the previous campaign:

  1. Scanlan, Wisdom Save, Ep1-10 (1:06:21)
  2. Lyra, Dexterity Save, Ep1-19 (1:04:04)
  3. Vex’ahlia, Strength Check, Ep1-34 (1:37:23)
  4. Vex’ahlia, Strength Check, Ep1-34 (1:43:19)
  5. Grog, Intelligence Check, Ep1-81 (1:06:45)
  6. Grog, Wisdom Save, Ep1-85 (0:20:10)