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Congratulations to Critical Role and Geek & Sundry for celebrating three years of streaming!

Are you tracking NEINS?

Are you tracking the number of nines rolled in both the first campaign and this campaign?
We do have all rolls in tables for both the Tal’Dorei and Wildemount campaigns. As for the current campaign, we’d like to direct your attention to this fancy infographic designed by @callmedeeray, who constructed it using our data!

How many times has Frumpkin been killed?
As of episode 9, twice. The full and updated list of party KOs and deaths can be found on this page.

Is there a page of Shipping Moments for the current campaign?
While we did have a Tal’Dorei Ship Moments page set up for eager volunteers to collect what they considered applicable moments for their favorite ships in the first campaign, due to its subjective nature, we have no plans to open up a similar page for the current campaign.

Who are the allowed deities of worship in Zadash?
Shoutout to our pals at the CR Wiki for gathering these!

Notable deities that are not on the approved list: The Traveler (exact name yet to be revealed) and The Stormlord (also known as Kord).

Can you describe Molly’s tattoos?
We’ll take the words straight from Taliesin’s mouth:

  • (2:27:44) There’s a snake tattoo that curls all the way up the arm into the peacock. People have seen the peacock, but the peacock is actually roving into a big floral piece that goes down into a snake that is kind of swallowing the hand.
  • (2:27:54) There is an eye in a pyramid piece that is illuminated above it that seems almost to go into the hairline all the way up the back.
  • (2:28:01) And then there’s a moon and sun connected to the shoulder piece that all interconnects, it’s very complicated.
  • (2:28:09) It’s all upper body.

When did Sam get his mug in the first campaign?
The big mug was gifted to him at the start of episode 1-25. For the complete gallery of what he’s plastered to the bottom of his mugs (and now, his new flask), check out our Sam’s Mugs page.

*Spoiler for Campaign 1!*

I’m on ep 44 and I’m pretty new to dnd I’ve never played. I learned what I know (little) from this show, and that doesn’t foster a deep understanding. I just really don’t understand why Vex immediately died when Percy touched the thing? What made that happen like that? It’s been different in the past; usually they go unconscious and start death saving.
Hi, welcome to the show and the game! So, the trap Percy set off in ep44 was especially designed to protect the Raven Queen’s champion, and in this case, automatically killed anyone who was brought below zero hit points, no death saves allowed. There are a few spells and effects like that in D&D lore (e.g., Finger of Death), and this specific trap had that caveat. Fortunately, it’s not extremely common to come across, but it’s definitely something for adventurers to beware!