Media References and Puns of 2-09 Steam and Conversation

We're looking forward to the Chastity's Nook Job as executed by Widowgast's Nein.

Media References


  • (1:11:50) Nott: You mispronounced your name! You said it was “Ford” when we all know its “Fee-ord!”
  • (1:16:28) Travis: Beau knows grumpy.
  • (1:30:56) Caleb: I am Fjord Tough, let’s go.
  • (2:15:59) Matt: A four-feet tall Fjord… saddles up alongside you. Marisha: A very focused Fjord. Travis: Like a tiny little Fiesta.
  • (2:58:09) Taliesin: Let’s just get seven of us. Sam: Seven of Nine?