Media References and Puns of 2-11 Zemnian Nights

Zemnian Night, like Zemnian Days,
More often than not,
Are hotter than hot,
In a LOT of good ways.

Media References

  • (0:00:20) Matt: Our fresh sponsor of the evening is the fantastic film by the fantastic Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim: Uprising. [...] Travis: My wife and I, we original Gipsy Danger fans. [...] It is up to John Boyega and his sweet ‘stache…
  • (0:03:32) Liam: Emmy-nominated, ladies and gentlemen.
  • (0:17:56) Marisha: Maybe she was a ghost the whole time. (The Sixth Sense)
  • (0:22:08) Liam: We’re getting into Mr. Potato Head territory.
  • (0:57:42) Sam: If they find a Fight Club
  • (0:57:54) Travis: Oh...oh...oh. Matt: American Pie reference!
  • (0:59:43) Marisha: Oh, it’s Bel Air.
  • (1:09:41) Sam: There’s a guy in an Abraham Lincoln costume who is just whackin’ it.
  • (1:13:07) Marisha: This whole place is magical, Caleb. Travis: Angels and Demons.
  • (1:14:56) Travis and Taliesin: Heaving, heaving breaths. (Clue)
  • (1:15:48) Matt: [Shallow Breaths] is smutty. It’s Anne Rice fairytale book level. [...] Matt: I got really into Interview with a Vampire… “My mom got these great new books about Cinderella! ...Whoa.”
  • (1:17:16) Matt: It begins like the Silmarillion.
  • (1:17:23) Travis: In a hole in the ground… (The Hobbit)
  • (2:11:58) Liam: Theo!  Matt: Ruby… (The Cosby Show)
  • (2:12:30) Marisha: Test of wits, like Dinner with Andre-style?
  • (2:18:10) Matt: … not in a way that triggers your Spider Sense. (Spider-Man)
  • (2:40:23) Marisha: … before you jump in the ring with Muhammad Ali.
  • (2:47:55) Laura: You’re like a tiny Pennywise peeking through there. (IT)
  • (3:05:42) Travis: My MySpace is still up.
  • (3:40:11) Travis: Like a small Morticia Addams. (The Addams Family)
  • (4:00:32) Laura: We can just go to the Hall of Justice. Liam: Meanwhile, at the Soltryce Academy! (Super Friends)


  • (0:02:30) Sam: Aasimar, I hardly knew her!
  • (0:45:20) Taliesin: Clean [Fjord’s breastplate], please. It has a bit of a brine.
  • (1:02:58) Travis: Your hands are all sticky before handling the books. Liam: Better than after.
  • (1:10:12) Liam: I like to learn something while I’m being titillated… Marisha: Edu-bation.
  • (1:21:09) Marisha: They keep talking about the heft of his equipment, lot of reference to his equipment.  Travis: The gauge of his pipe.
  • (1:36:03) Liam: I appreciate the gesture, because it’s the thought that counts. It’s the gesture, Jester.
  • (4:02:14) Liam: I think that ship has sailed, Fjord.