Media References and Puns of 2-13 Lost & Found

Thanks to @Ashinthepan for this art piece!

How do we stop an assassin?
Beau: Bo.
Nott: Bow.
Jester: Bows!

Media References


  • (0:37:03) Molly: With Beau’s.  Fjord: Maybe not bows. Molly: With Beau’s rope.  Beau: Oh yeah. I can also tie bows with Beau’s rope.  Jester: Also, bows are really cool, we should give him some..  Beau: Wait. You want to put my bo in bows?
  • (escaping with Beacon) Liam: I turn into an alley. Taliesin: You can turn into an alley?
  • (2:22:59) Matt: It’s very iron-y. [...] Nott: It’s ironic!
  • (3:21:02) Travis: The Leaky Nip. What’s it called? [...] Matt: That’s a different establishment. Taliesin: That’s a daycare.
  • (3:35:44) Pumat II: That’s a pretty penny because that’s a pretty item.
  • (3:48:10) Liam: Um … pause. Pumat II: Hands. They look paws-ish.
  • (3:50:11) Liam: Sum it up for me. Give me the Tenser’s Floating Disk pitch.