Media References and Puns of 2-14 Fleeting Memories

Thanks to @AvivOr (@UpTo4Players) for this art piece!

Yah yah yaaaaaaaah...

Media References


  • (0:26:07) Matt: We have company. Strangers in our mists.
  • (0:48:00) Marisha: I bet he edubates on that pile of gold.
  • (1:32:55) Sam: What do you call a deer with no eyes? No Eye Dear!
  • (1:56:06) Taliesin: We’re all somehow shady pairs, it’s just inevitable. Sam: Now I’m hungry for pears. Travis: Sounds like a retirement home. Shady Pears.
  • (2:16:56) Taliesin: I show off the peacock a little bit, and one of the peacock feathers on the neck. Liam: What about your tattoos, though?
  • (2:25:54) Beau: Do not f*** me here, Caleb, do not f*** me.  Caleb: Not interested, but I will ask about the items--
  • (2:27:07) Travis: You’ll like this, Pumat Sol is… How would you describe him, unique? Liam: Well, not one of a kind.
  • (2:34:17) Travis: Fjord. Matt: Fjord…? Sam: Tough.