Quick Answers 61

How do you track it when Liam announces a roll as “total balls”?

It’s fairly common for players to not announce their rolls, especially if it’s low or if it’s made irrelevant by advantage or disadvantage. In those cases, we still log that the rolls occurred in our All Rolls Charts (check the individual tabs at the bottom for each separate episode), but we mark the value of the rolls as Unknown.

Are you keeping track of the number of insight checks between Campaign 1 and Campaign 2?

We have them all on record in our All Rolls charts (Vox Machina and Mighty Nein) for easy consulting, but we don’t isolate them into a separate list.

Will you be tracking total healing given/done (via spells and other abilities, not rests) this campaign?

Like insight checks, we have healing rolls on record in our All Rolls charts, but don’t have it isolated into a separate list.

How many episodes in a row had Matt made the pre-credits face before last week's silly string incident?

Seven, starting in episode 7. (We think you may be interested in this video.)

How many times has Matt clapped before the intro video in Campaign 2?

We have elected not to track this, both as a courtesy to Matt and ourselves. However, if we define an individual clap as each time two palms come together and only count when it is visibly demonstrated on screen when the camera is on him, we counted 55 claps in Episode 1.

How many times has the cast of Critical Role broken into song this season?

We track media references weekly, including times that the cast breaks into songs that reference things. Search our Media References tag on our site if you’re interested!

Is there an updated list for the CR character sheets? What ASI or feats they took? New Gear? Magical Items?

As always, the character sheets for the Mighty Nein, both latest and previous levels, are always available here, by clicking on the corresponding character card. How updated they are depend largely on what information has been made available on stream, if the corresponding video has reached Youtube, and if we have finished double-checking ourselves before uploading them for your enjoyment. If the cast hasn’t given us a clue to what they took, then that will remain a mystery!

Is there a historical page for past versions of the character sheets page? I'd love to see the earlier level versions.

Each individual card on the page links to all previous character sheets and their stats. However, if you’re interested solely in cards, we’ve created a gallery of galleries of the Nein’s past character cards here.

Have you guys ever done a poll to find out where people are watching from, and whether they shirk their terrible time zones to watch live?

Critter demographics are a little hard for us to track. Occasionally we’ll pay attention to the number of viewers on the Twitch stream, but we don’t otherwise track community movement.

When did we learn that Pumat Sol knits?

Episode 13, 3:32:38.

Has Beau ever not hit on a woman?

Besides Nott, High Richter Prucine, Ivana, Lawmaster Orentha, Lawmaster Norda…. Yes, there are times that Beau hasn’t flirted with a woman. However, based on the question, we can only assume you’re more interested in times she has hit on a woman (Yasha, Jester, Expositor Dairon, Kara).

I am watching campaign 1. And I'm curious, what is the highest skill check we have seen? Anything higher than a 40?

We start seeing a lot of modded rolls over 40 once Vax’s stealth expertise and reliable talent were paired with Vex’s Pass Without a Trace. The absolute highest he rolled was 47 (Nat20 + 17 stealth + 10 PWaT).

When will Fjord take Tough?  It has to happen right?

A bit redundant, don’t you think?