Media References and Puns of 2-15

Thanks to @delsinsfir for this art piece!

How many times has Sam cared how ridiculous his D&D Beyond ads are? (Hint: It rhymes with one, and is less than that.)

Media References


  • (0:03:50) Sam: How many times has Ashley been back?  All: One! Sam: How many times has Caleb had a bath? All: One!  How many testacles does Sam have? All: One! Sam: How many chords are there in this song?  All: One! Sam: What’s the past tense of win? All: Won! Sam: What’s Obi Kenobi’s middle name?  All: Wan! Sam: What’s a synonym for pasty and pale? Liam: ...Wan! Sam: What will the Washington football team do when they face the Cowboys?  Travis: LOOOOOOOOOSE!
  • (0:56:41) Laura: Let’s go down. Usually scarier things are down. Marisha: I’m always a fan of going down.
  • (0:57:26) Marisha: I’ll take the rears. Sam: “I’ll take the rears.” Laura: She’s always a fan of rears.
  • (0:58:54) Sam: *gestures to make the length of the hallway in front of his face, then opens his mouth, then cups his hand under his chin* This is where we are and this is the shaft in front of us.
  • (0:59:16) Sam: So there’s a longer shaft? We can go down that shaft if we want to?
  • (1:29:24) Matt: You’re getting close to the tip of it. (Laura laughs) Ashley: Just the tip of it?
  • (1:32:03) Marisha: Deadless. Lifeless! Matt: Deadless. Deadlifts!
  • (2:30:44) Laura: That’s evocation, and divination, and necromancy.  Liam: Edubation.
  • (2:34:18) Beau: It’s a simple tool… Molly: Is that your new nickname?  Beau: What? Molly: Simple tool.
  • (2:39:00) Liam: No more dick jokes. Focus on the cube.
  • (2:50:20) Sam: I feel so conflicted, trying to hurt a cube. But I will. I’ll bash that cube until it explodes all over the place.
  • (2:57:39) Sam: Jester, like all beautiful women, succumbed to the cube.
  • (3:17:44) Fjord: It’s going to get a little hairy, I bet. It smells like burnt hairy.