What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left? Siff Duthar Edition

Thanks to @ningouini for this art piece!

After several combat encounters and a series of traps and puzzles, the Mighty Nein find themselves face-to-face with the spectral entity that potentially owned this lab in the distant past. They've used many of their abilities and spells over the course of the day, so here's what they've got left for the fight/conversation/retreat. Hit points are listed in parentheses next to each character’s name. We only list abilities that each character still has available to them at this moment.

Note: Short rests tend to make our HP count uncertain. For the purposes of this, we’re assuming everyone went back up to full during their short rest before fighting the gelatinous cube. Thus, actual values may be slightly lower than listed here (with the exception of Jester, who went unconscious and was revived after the short rest). Abilities that regenerate on a long rest are listed with a X/day, while abilities that regenerate on short and long rests are listed with a X/rest.

Beau (34/34)

  • 3/4 Ki Points (regenerates on short rest)

Monks don’t have much in the way of daily abilities, and regenerate used ki during short rests. Beau will have access to all of her monk and Cobalt Soul abilities, and she didn’t take damage from the gelatinous cube. Beau’s in excellent shape for this fight/escape, though she doesn’t have any abilities that are specifically useful against undead.

Caleb (25/25)

  • Spell slots remaining (regenerates 2 levels of spell slots on short rest):
    • Level 1: 1/4
    • Level 2: 0/3

Even with the wizard’s Arcane Recovery, Caleb burned through nearly all of his spell slots trying to help the party navigate the laboratory, fight the gelatinous cube, and learn about Siff’s experiments. Fire Bolt isn’t a joke, but it lacks the punch of Scorching Ray and the crowd-control abilities of Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp. Thankfully, he probably has all his hit points, but he’s still a squishy wizard, and the choice between using his final spell slot on a defensive spell like Blur or an offensive spell like Chromatic Orb or Burning Hands is a difficult one. However, the Friends cantrip could also prove useful if the party tries to talk their way out of a fight.

Fjord (51/41)

  • Spell slots remaining (regenerates on short rest):
    • Level 2: 1/2
  • Armor of Agathys active
  • Relentless Endurance (1/day)
  • Hexblade’s Curse (1/rest)

Unlike most spellcasters, warlocks regain all their spell slots on a short rest. Even with using both Armor of Agathys and Hex against the Darkmantles, Fjord is better off than most of the Mighty Nein’s spell users here, with a single level 2 spell available to him. Armor of Agathys is still up, so he has 10 temporary HP and the potential to deal out some free cold damage if hit with a melee attack. He also still has the use of his Relentless Endurance feature and his Hexblade’s Curse, not to mention unlimited Eldritch Blasts and his shiny new Wastehunter Blade.

Jester (13/31)

  • Spell slots remaining:
    • Level 1: 1/4
    • Level 2: 1/3
  • Hellish Rebuke (1/day)
  • Channel Divinity (1/rest)
    • Turn Undead
    • Invoke Duplicity
  • Wand of Smiles (3 charges)

Here's where things get scary. Jester got knocked out by the gelatinous cube, so she is very low on hit points. Thanks to the damage taken by the party from traps, darkmantles, and will-o’-wisps, she is also very low on spells. The big advantage here is her Channel Divinity. Given the apparent nature of both the lab and the entity that just appeared, Turn Undead could provide a key advantage or buy the party valuable time to run, should it come to that. How effective the Wand of Smiles will be on specters of long-undead necromancers remains to be seen.

Molly (41/41)

  • Rite of the Dawn currently active (one scimitar, lowers max HP by 4)
  • Rite of the Frozen currently active (one scimitar, lowers max HP by 4)
  • Charm Person (1/day)
  • Blood Curse of the Eyeless (1/rest)
  • Periapt of Wound Closure (unlimited)

Molly is going into this battle in the best shape, ability-wise, of the Nein. His swords are already prepared with their Rite damage, and he hasn’t used any of his finite abilities today. It should be noted that with both rites active, Molly’s maximum HP is lower than his usual 49. Unfortunately, Charm Person likely won't be much use here, as most spectral undead can’t be charmed. Fortunately, one of his scimitars has Rite of the Dawn on it, which both deals radiant damage (usually especially effective against undead) and deals extra damage to undead creatures specifically. He also has the Periapt of Wound Closure, which will automatically stabilize him at the start of his next turn if he does go unconscious.

Nott (31/31)

  • Spell slots remaining:
    • Level 1: 1/3

Nott burned most of her limited spellcasting ability trying to get through the door into the secret room and saving Fjord from plummeting to his death in the upstairs chamber. She’s still got Shocking Grasp, but she’ll only have one chance to distract or disable this entity with Tasha’s Hideous Laughter or Silent Image. Thankfully, she didn’t take any damage from the cube and should be at or close to full hit points. She’s also still a rogue with unlimited sneak attack and hiding capabilities, though she did use her Fury of the Small against the gelatinous cube.

Yasha (29/42)

  • Healing Hands (4 points/day)
  • Subrace ability (1/day)
  • Rages remaining: 1/3

Yasha has most of her abilities left based on her racial and class capabilities. On the aasimar side, she has everything available that we’ve previously seen: casting Light, necrotic and radiant damage resistance, and Healing Hands. We’ve never seen Yasha use any abilities related to her yet-unknown subrace, so we can’t speak to those except to say that she has all of those capabilities left. On the barbarian side, she can still recklessly attack whenever she wants. She also still gets her Divine Fury damage the first time she hits each round. Yasha, at level 4, has one more rage left in her, since she didn’t use one against the darkmantles. If she falls out of that rage, though, she’s out for the day.