Media References and Puns of 2-16 A Favor in Kind

You want the transcript to Sam's D&D Beyond ad, complete with links to the various 1987 references? As you wish.

Media References


  • (0:19:28) Ashley: We kind of got off on the wrong foot. ...I don’t know if he has feet.
  • (1:17:57) Nott: I’m poisoned!  Caleb: How much you care to drink is on you.
  • (1:22:01) Caleb: It’s a greatsword.  Travis: Not a *good* sword. Laura and Marisha: It’s a great sword.  Liam: It’s pretty great.
  • (1:56:53) Laura: Fjord. 150.
  • (2:00:33) Marisha: More wet dreams!
  • (2:00:51) Marisha: Crack into a kraken!
  • (2:19:38) Matt: You stiffly get off… off the ground.
  • (2:38:08) Matt: The ogre guard is there on the corner, looks a little groggy…” *Travis reacts*
  • (2:40:54) The Gentleman: What? I was having breakfast.
  • (2:50:51) The Gentleman: Now, off. I have to finish my breakfast. And my breakfast.
  • (3:26:47) Jester: There’s a lot of people that inspect their special packages. You get to know yourself real good, Caleb.
  • (3:27:31) Caleb: Just what’s in the bag. Jester: Special packages and everything like that.
  • (3:30:50) Yasha: But it’s touched by the moon. Pumat Sol: And I’m touched by the sun every morning.
  • (3:42:08) Jester: Caleb and I have a date to talk about his special package.
  • (3:43:21) Nott: It’s nice that you guys are talking about your limitations and setting expectations before you go into this together. There’s some word that you need, like a safe thing.