CRStats Favorite Moments, Episodes 2-01 - 2-12

Our first favorite moments list of Campaign 2! This isn't an objective list by any means; we just wanted to share moments that we enjoyed thus far!

Thanks to @NatRoze for this art piece!

  • Caleb and Nott’s introductions (Ep2-01, 0:19:55)
  • Jester, Beau, and Fjord’s introductions (Ep2-01, 0:31:05)
  • Fjord notices Caleb and Nott watching them, leading to the two groups meeting (Ep2-01, 0:35:31)
  • Molly and Yasha’s introductions (Ep2-01, 0:44:31)
  • Molly reads Jester’s fortune (Ep2-01, 0:48:34)
  • Jester uses Thaumaturgy to open (and then shut) the windows of the Nestled Nook (Ep2-01, 0:59:34)
  • Nott learns to play The Crick-Queen’s Call from Jester (Ep2-01, 1:04:59)
  • “Will you hold me through the show?” (Ep2-01, 2:02:31, 2:05:50)
  • Nott attempts to soothe the savage beast (Ep2-01, 2:32:26)
  • Caleb bonds with a bartender over romance novels (Ep2-02, 1:54:51)
  • Caleb and Nott go to the Burnished Bibelots (Ep2-02, 2:41:49)
  • Jester & Beau and Fjord & Molly get knocks at their doors (Ep2-02, 2:54:06)
  • The party weasels their way out of getting caught by the Crownsguard (Ep2-02, 3:13:57)
  • Nott and Jester: PI. (Ep2-02, 3:41:40, 4:01:13)
  • Caleb asks Nott to sell her platinum flask. Nott has a counter offer (Ep2-03, 1:17:38)
  • Caleb finally gets to read his books and is continually interrupted by the group’s jokes (Ep2-03, 1:21:47)

Thanks to @thealeksdemon for this art piece!

  • Fjord lures the guard away (Ep2-03, 1:59:29)
  • Matt describes Fjord’s use of Hexblade’s Curse (Ep2-03, 2:55:39)
  • Beau tries to throw a rock at an imp (Ep2-03, 3:34:47)
  • “Has anyone seen my shoe that I dropped earlier around here?” (Ep2-04, 0:44:09)
  • Monk fight! (Ep2-04, 2:17:22)
  • Caleb and Nott go to the Warm Dew Bathhouse (Ep2-04, 2:46:20)
  • The map unveiling (Ep2-04, 3:03:21)
  • The group goes to Natural Remedies, leaves with a healing potion & skein (Ep2-04, 3:12:46)
  • Nott gives Yasha flowers (Ep2-04, 3:29:26)
  • Beau and Jester climb a tree and talk about hamster-sized unicorns (Ep2-05, 0:32:30)

Thanks to @salaidard for this art piece!

  • Jester gives Nott flowers (Ep2-05, 0:37:33)
  • Nott casts Message for the first time and Caleb is thrilled (Ep2-05, 0:42:19, 0:44:23)
  • Fjord talks to his patron (Ep2-05, 0:48:45)
  • Jester summons a giant lollipop (Ep2-05, 1:28:55)
  • Beau dodges five out of six attacks and damages a gnoll with his own arrow (Ep2-05, 1:37:05)
  • Jester makes an unspoken agreement with Beau (Ep2-06, 0:17:11)
  • Caleb’s social anxiety gets the best of him so he goes on a walk (Ep2-06, 0:17:44)
  • The party meets Thadeus Candleglow (Ep2-06, 0:23:54)
  • “Be well, child. The Traveler is with you.” (Ep2-06, 0:33:02)
  • The Fjord Expedition (Ep2-06, 1:29:20)
  • Sam’s 80s D&D Beyond theme (Ep2-07, 0:01:15)
  • Khary describes Shakäste (Ep2-07, 0:33:37)
  • We learn about the Grand Duchess (Ep2-07, 0:50:10)
  • Shakäste’s Spiritual Weapon is a bust of Estelle Getty (Ep2-07, 3:22:39)

Thanks to @p_agurcia for this art piece!

  • Nott and Jester’s combined HDYWTDT (Ep2-07, 2:17:34)
  • Beau and Jester review the letter to Demedan (Ep2-08, 0:54:51)
  • The Mighty Nein name themselves (Ep2-08, 1:03:23)
  • Jester tells Starosta Kosh that the Ruby of the Sea says hello (Ep2-08, 1:11:41)
  • Fjord Tough (Ep2-08, 1:13:38)
  • Jester sings The Ruby of the Sea’s jingle (Ep2-08, 1:17:27)
  • The Mighty Nein definitely have syphilis. When that lie doesn’t work, they attack (Ep2-08, 2:04:32)
  • We meet Enchanter Pumat Soul. All four of him. (Ep2-08, 3:10:33)

Thanks to @lerms for this art piece!

  • Caleb and Nott start copying down Unseen Servant into Caleb’s book (Ep2-09, 0:49:40)
  • Beau and Fjord talk about Beau’s tone of voice when she’s trying to compliment someone (Ep2-09, 0:54:18)
  • Molly and Jester give Nott advice on who to steal from (Ep2-09, 1:14:49)
  • Caleb disguises himself as Fjord (Ep2-09, 1:29:43)
  • Beau tries to practice sounding friendly (Ep2-09, 1:44:48)
  • Nott disguises herself as Fjord (Ep2-09, 2:15:17)
  • The Mighty Nein start teaching Nott to swim (Ep2-09, 2:33:26, 2:40:08)
  • The Traveler visits Jester (Ep2-09, 3:18:21)
  • Sam does ballet (Ep2-10, 0:00:46)
  • Caleb gives Jester money (Ep2-10, 3:04:34)
  • Molly corners Caleb (Ep2-10, 3:09:43)
  • Fjord tries to get Caleb to talk about his history (Ep2-10, 3:28:16)
  • Fjord catches Nott going through his stuff (Ep2-10, 3:36:45)
  • Caleb, Jester, and Beau finally go to Chastity’s Nook (Ep2-11, 1:05:23)
  • Nott, Fjord, and Molly talk about why Nott wants to steal Fjord’s letter (Ep2-11, 2:55:14, 2:57:36)
  • Brody Slater makes his Campaign 2 debut (Ep2-12, 0:01:27)

Thanks to @NatRoze for this art piece!

  • Metagaming Pigeon (Ep2-12, 0:41:04)
  • The doctor’s office fiasco (Ep2-12, 0:51:27)
  • The Caleb and Nott vs. Fjord standoff (Ep2-12, 3:47:39)
  • The Zauber Spire is sundered (Ep2-12, 3:53:03)