Media References and Puns of 2-12 Midnight Espionage

Thanks to @elluzant for this art piece!

Don't let the list throw you. The area is particularly hazardous to runners.

Media References

  • (0:00:14) Matt: Returning for the second week for the newly released game Far Cry 5!
  • (0:01:13) Matt: Voiced by friend of the show, Julie Nathanson.
  • (0:01:59) Sam: I’m partial to Dead Earth, Empire of Satanis and F.A.T.A.L.
  • (0:02:45) Laura: Leave it on, you kind of look like Estelle Getty.
  • (0:09:45) Travis: One day more! (Les Miserables)
  • (0:23:17) Travis: I apologize. (Deadwood)
  • (0:31:14) Marisha: In between Adventureland and Frontierland.
  • (0:35:44) Travis: Hashtag NBC Blindspot.
  • (0:43:11) Liam: Crossfit t-shirt.
  • (0:50:12) Laura: Simon! He's a real boy! (Pinocchio)
  • (0:53:42) Taliesin: We’re going to need a bigger boat. (Jaws)
  • (0:55:29) Taliesin: A Denny’s whatever. Travis: Is there a Denny’s around? Or an IHOP?
  • (0:58:52) Taliesin: Magnets. How the f**k do they work. Matt: That’s the better version of the song. (“Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse)
  • (1:00:01) Liam: I am going to go between them like Noah through the water- oh wait, that’s the wrong one- like Moses. Sam: Like Noah through the Ark.
  • (1:01:24) Matt: Rosemary’s Baby-style.
  • (1:54:11) Taliesin: Be the chaos you want to see in the world. (Gandhi)
  • (1:54:34) Marisha: Show us where Melrose is! Show us!  Liam: Wasteland!
  • (2:05:58) Liam: Caleb appears in the sewer like Pennywise the Clown. (It)
  • (2:07:14) Taliesin: We are going to sit in the sewer like so much clown. (It)
  • (2:12:23) Travis: Far Cry 5!  Sam: Far Cry 5. It’s 5 better than Far Cry 0.
  • (2:23:47) Sam: Thundah! Thundah! (Thunder by Imagine Dragons)
  • (2:26:05) Marisha: Anime run. (Naruto)
  • (2:27:47) Liam: Chimney stack?! We’re not Santa Claus.
  • (2:39:00) Liam and Marisha: Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law! (Judas Priest)
  • (2:40:11) Jester: It’s like the NeverEnding Story! Don’t be afraid, you guys, just go!
  • (2:50:06) Liam: You are not prepared! (World of Warcraft)
  • (2:51:35) Liam: You’re the best around! (You’re the Best Around by Joe Esposito)
  • (3:05:20) Liam: Allow myself to introduce myself. (Austin Powers)
  • (3:17:51) Taliesin: You're a gofficer and a nentleman.
  • (3:33:52) Sam: Does [Ulog] go around the back of me? Matt: Like Ghost style?
  • (3:37:33) Sam: Checking for traps. Marisha: Checking for traps, checking for traps. Liam: Regular Traps. (“Breakin’ The Law” by Judas Priest)
  • (3:38:08) Matt: There are portraits of men, human, different ages, that are lining [the wall]. Sam: It’s One Direction.


  • (1:48:59) Nott: How strong would you say you are, on a scale of 1-20?
  • (2:25:50) Marisha: I cast Step of the Wind. [...] Step of the Wind gives me double jump or triple dump ... jump distance. Sam: I cast Triple Dump earlier.
  • (2:39:13) Sam: Edubation
  • (2:40:20) Sam: We are up s***’s creek, so we need Schmidt’s creek.
  • (2:41:03) Sam: He’s mansplaining to me.  Matt: Roguesplaining, technically.
  • (3:02:49) Matt: The rug is barely holding on by a thread.
  • (3:22:30) Marisha: We beat the rug!
  • (4:04:04) Liam: Edubate once a day.