What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left? Victory Pit Edition

The Mighty Nein are a little tapped on resources going into their final Victory Pit battle this week. Luckily, what they do have going for them are hit points. Thanks to Jester’s Prayer of Healing, all of the Nein have over half of their hit points, and three of them have all (or, in Fjord’s case, more than all). Ahead, we break down what they have left of their relevant abilities.

Beau (34/34)

Thanks to @wisperr_art for this art piece!

  • Ki Points Remaining: 0

Beau has all her hit points, but she will go into this fight with none of her ki-based abilities available. That means no Flurry of Blows, no Step of the Wind, no Patient Defense, and no Extract Aspects. Thankfully, monks are still capable of dealing out some punishment even without any of those abilities, and Beau is still relatively hard to hit. Her Sentinel feat remains in full effect as long as she remains conscious.




Caleb (23/25)

Thanks to @ArtKaree for this art piece!

  • Spell Slots Remaining:
    • Level 1: 2
    • Level 2: 0
  • Mage Armor active (AC 14)

Caleb once again finds himself without any second level spells and with nearly full hit points. This time, however, he’s also got Mage Armor (boosts his AC to 14) and 2 first-level spells. We’ve only seen a couple of the spells he’s had a chance to add to his book recently (Mage Armor and Enlarge), so odds are he’s still got a trick or two up his sleeve in addition to the damage he can deal out with Chromatic Orb or Burning Hands.



Fjord (51/41)

Thanks to @iorverth for this art piece!

  • Spell Slots Remaining:
    • Level 2: 0
  • Armor of Agathys active and unused
  • Hex active, bonus action to shift to giant
  • Hexblade’s Curse (1/rest)
  • Relentless Endurance (1/day)

Fjord has no leveled spells left, but he wisely cast spells with a very long duration during the wolf fight, so both are still active. He also gets unlimited Eldritch Blasts, and can deal out a significant amount of damage with his upgraded falchion. He still has his Hexblade’s Curse and Relentless Endurance, so even if the giant gets the chance to push through his considerable amount of hit points, he’ll have a second chance to finish it off before he goes down for good.






Jester (Unknown/31)

Thanks to lauramartinartist for this art piece!

  • Spell Slots Remaining:
    • Level 1: 2
    • Level 2: 1
  • Fragment of Possibility
  • Wand of Smiles (3 charges)
  • Channel Divinity: 0

Jester has wisely conserved her spell slots, dealing out healing and poison cures only when necessary. Her Prayer of Healing after the wolves was clutch, allowing most of the party to almost fully recover from the wolves’ cold breaths. The Lesser Restoration and medicinal herbs also ensured the party pushed past the second encounter, removing Yasha and Beau’s poisoned effects as well as their disadvantage. Going into the giant, Jester still has a lot of healing left, and potentially a lot of damage available to her (Inflict Wounds and Guiding Bolt are no joke, y’all). She won’t have her Invoke Duplicity or her Hellish Rebuke available, spent in the second and first fights, respectively. She’ll likely want to keep her distance this fight, especially since she’s not at full health (22 plus a regular healing potion). She does have the Fragment of Possibility, so she can force the hill giant to re-roll an attack or get a chance to re-roll something of her own.

Molly (29/41)

Thanks to @lunapocalypse for this art piece!

  • Charm Person (1/day)
  • Rite of the Dawn active on both scimitars (lowers max HP by 4 for each scimitar, 8 total)
  • Blood Curse of the Eyeless (1/day)
  • Periapt of Wound Closure (unlimited)

Molly is in considerably worse shape than the rest of the MIghty Nein, with the exception of Yasha. He still has Charm Person and Blood Curse of the Eyeless available, and Rite of the Dawn is currently active on both scimitars. The wolves, however, seriously wrecked his health, even with Jester’s Prayer of Healing. Unless he sits back and consistently uses Vicious Mockery, Molly needs to be up close to do damage, and he could be in some danger from the giant. The good news is his Periapt of Wound Closure will automatically stabilize him if he does go down.




Nott (31/31)

Thanks to @eisschirmchen for this art piece!

  • Spell Slots Remaining:
    • Level 1: 2
  • Fury of the Small: 0

Nott is probably in the best shape of the Mighty Nein for this fight. She stayed well back during the first two rounds, not taking any damage from either the otyugh or the wolves. She has two of her three available spell slots left, so assuming she didn’t swap it out when she leveled to 4, she still has access to Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. Dropping the giant prone would give her disadvantage, but it would grant Molly, Yasha, Beau, and Fjord all advantage with their melee attacks (and if Yasha continues her crit rate from last episode...). Nott will also have access to all of her rogue abilities, including sneak attack. However, she did use her single use of Fury of the Small for the day against the otyugh, removing that option for a bump in damage.

Yasha (Unknown/42)

Thanks to @elluzant for this art piece!

  • Rages Remaining: 0
  • Necrotic Shroud (1/day)
  • Healing Hands (4 points/day)

Yasha, like Molly, is not in great shape. She’s pretty low on hit points (21 + a regular healing potion), and has none of her rages remaining. Being unable to rage doesn’t hurt her damage output much, but she’ll be taking full damage from anything the giant can dole out (average 18 damage per strike), and she’s relatively easy to hit. She does have some meagre healing available from her aasimar abilities, but it’s typically more helpful as a quick “save this person from dying” ability than as source of hit point regeneration. If she continues to crit the way she did last week, that may not matter, as even a hill giant can’t survive long against that much damage (she doesn’t have Brutal Critical yet, but greatswords are nasty). Now that we know her subrace, we know all of her daily abilities, but we’ll leave the details as a surprise if she decides to use it (or for those of you that want to look it up in Volo’s Guide to Monsters). We will say that she’ll continue be be looking opportunities to distance herself from the rest of the party before activating.