Media References and Puns of 2-18 Whispers of War

We are very much looking forward to the Colbalt Soulastic Fair.

Media References


  • (0:41:33) Nott: Why don’t goblins eat court jesters? Because they taste funny!
  • (1:05:57) Matt: “That was no small feat. Literally, that was very large feet on the gentleman.”
  • (1:30:46) Sam: I ran a half Ikithon once.
  • (1:39:24) Travis: Well, if we’re going to be pulling out of this city real fast-- ha ha!
  • (2:08:39) Liam: Guten abend. [...] Ashley: Caleb, what did you say? Taliesin: Guten almonds.
  • (3:10:24) Liam: Then we’ll pull Matt. Marisha: Pull Matt. Taliesin: Pull Matt’s soul? Marisha: Pull Matt king.