Media References and Puns of 2-19 The Gentleman's Path

Thanks to @TriaElf9 for this art piece!

Beau talked about Fight Club three times in this episode.

No rules, man. No rules.

Media References

  • (0:01:57) Sam: In fact, I captured one of their head faeries, Yev...
  • (0:03:04) Sam: Without your love, you’ll die?! [...] Maybe the power of our applause will cure him! (Peter Pan)
  • (0:04:38) Liam: The Jim Henson studio was mad to let you go.
  • (0:04:50) Sam: A child’s lightsaber toy thing!
  • (0:05:24) Liam: *singing* Back and blaze, all right! (“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by the Backstreet Boys)
  • (0:14:16) Marisha: It’s Fight Club!
  • (0:23:21) Marisha: I’m going to do some Ip Man
  • (0:29:49) Marisha: Fight Club!
  • (0:42:21) Travis: Anime sparkles.
  • (0:43:29) Liam: Pacman table.  Taliesin: Galaga.
  • (0:43:45) Taliesin: I pull the full Riker hop over the chair.
  • (0:46:29) Matt: The Branson of Wildemount.
  • (0:50:21) Marisha: Schrödinger’s Horris?
  • (1:27:55) Marisha: Wait, she’s like Luigi?!
  • (1:28:02) Liam: Wild and crazy guys! (SNL)
  • (1:28:06) Matt: Let’s-a go!
  • (1:36:17) Liam and Laura: *singing* Into the woods!
  • (1:37:10) Taliesin: We’ll find out once and for all what children taste like. (Eddie Izzard)
  • (1:37:37) Taliesin and Marisha: *singing* Small shack! (“Love Shack” by the B-52’s)
  • (1:40:25) Liam knocks the rhythm to “Shave and a Haircut Two Bits
  • (1:51:45) Taliesin: If only I had help counting to the number four!
  • (1:58:55) Travis and Taliesin: *singing* Memories!  Marisha: *singing* All alone in the moonlight! (“Memory” from Cats)
  • (1:59:09) Marisha: We’re going to play the first episode of Key Question because it’s Deadpool related!
  • (2:22:41) Marisha: I wake up, and I go, “Fight Club!”
  • (2:28:16) Laura: Timecop!
  • (2:29:41) Matt: ...looking like a small-scale Venom symbiote at times.
  • (2:30:21) Marisha: *singing* Take it to the limit! (The Eagles)
  • (2:34:07) Matt: “Go! Carve face!” Marisha: Did the say carve face? Travis: Carve face. Sam: Carface! Marisha: Carface! Oh my goodness, it’s All Dogs Go To Heaven, you guys.
  • (2:39:48) Marisha: Don’t say the ‘m’ word in the theater! (Macbeth)
  • (2:43:05) Travis strums “Barracuda” by Heart
  • (3:07:22) Ashley: Lollipop! *pop* Ba dum bum bum… (“Lollipop” by The Chordettes)
  • (3:18:10) Matt: Like anime gundam style.
  • (3:38:00) Liam: I’m Spartacus! I’m Spartacus! (Spartacus)


  • (0:00:50) Matt: The Githyanki’s such an amazing part of D&D lore. Liam: Go Yankees!
  • (0:23:09) Fjord: I’ve got five gold on the horny one!
  • (0:47:21) Laura: Is he moist? [...] Liam: (to Sam) Are you?
  • (0:49:25) Nott: Jester, do you think people in Hupperdook are called dookies?
  • (0:56:16) Nott: It sounds like it’s going to be no sweat!
  • (0:56:20) Nott: We’ll just stay high and dry!
  • (0:59:56) Nott: This has really whet our appetites.
  • (1:00:24) Sam: Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • (1:09:47) Liam: Loaf. How about loaf?  Sam: Loaf is a good name. So we have W.C., Loo, John, Crapper, Toilet, and Loaf.
  • (1:13:14) Matt: The Bronchial Byway. It’s the lifebreath of the land.
  • (1:37:01) Sam: They’re burning people? We call that a barbeque!
  • (3:12:30) Travis: I’m going to use my bonus action to cast Hex on that tall-- Laura: Drink of water?  Travis: Yeah. On that waterfall of ugliness.
  • (3:20:05) Yasha: Don’t you wake up and get off on the wrong side of the cot?
  • (3:37:16) Molly: This has all been very enlightening. There’s probably going to be lightning.