Level 5 Update: Proficiency Boost and Skiiiiiills

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Matt, to Liam in 2-06: It's all good, man. Just survive to level five and everything will turn.

They’ve made it! At level 5, all classes receive a proficiency bonus increase. This means all proficient skills, saving throws, and attack bonuses go up by one. In addition, all spell/ability save DCs go up by 1. For Beau and Nott, their expertise skill bonuses increase by 2.


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  • Extra Attack
  • Stunning Strike
  • Monk ability DC increase to 14
  • 5 ki points

Level 5 monks, like most of the other martial classes, get an extra attack when they take the attack action on their turn. If she uses her Flurry of Blows as a bonus action, Beau now gets a total of 4 attacks in a single turn. With Sentinel, this could potentially go up to 5 attacks in a round.

In addition, she can choose to spend a ki point to make any melee weapon attack a stunning strike. Her target will need to make a Constitution saving throw or be stunned until the end of her next turn. Stunned creatures are incapacitated (no actions or reactions), can’t move, fail all Strength and Dexterity saving throws, and all attacks against them have advantage. If other members of the Mighty Nein are also in melee with her target, this could prove particularly devastating (or incredibly useful if they’re on low health and need to get away).

Finally, Beau gains an additional ki point so she can make more use of her new abilities, and her monk damage die goes up to a d6 instead of a d4. Her quarterstaff was always a d6 (d8 if used two-handed), but her unarmed strikes will now do more damage.


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  • Two 3rd level spell slots
  • Two additional known spells
  • Cantrip damage increase
  • Spell save DC increase to 16

Wizards receive only two 3rd level spells for their level 5 upgrade. Liam confirmed on Twitter that he chose Haste and Slow in what is probably a nod to Caleb’s long-term interests. When used on any character with multiple attacks, the effects of Haste can be devastating, as Beau and Jester learned rather quickly in their fight in the Evening Nip. We also saw the power of Slow when the Mighty Nein were ambushed in the woods, as the Ogre was restricted for several rounds to half speed, no reactions, and either an action or a bonus action each turn.

In addition to his two free spells, we also are not sure what spell scrolls were in the case that Nott stole for him. It’s possible that one of those was a 3rd level spell, but Caleb would have to spend the additional gold and time to copy those into his spellbook (150 gp and 6 hours, half of these for a transmutation spell). He would not have been able to do this before hitting 5th level.  


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  • One additional known spell
  • Spell slots upgraded to 3rd level
  • Cantrip damage increase
  • One additional Invocation: Thirsting Blade
  • Spell save increase to 15

Warlocks, like most of the other spellcasters, now have access to 3rd level spells. All of Fjord’s spell slots become 3rd level, and he’ll get to add a 3rd level spell to his known spell list. The warlock spell list isn’t as large as the wizard spell list, but it has a lot of variety, so we again can’t really say anything about what he’ll pick. Noteworthy choices include Counterspell, Fly, and Major Image.

In addition to the normal warlock list, as a Hexblade, Fjord now has access to Blink and Elemental Weapon. Since warlocks’ spell capabilities are more limited than other spellcasters, they also get an additional invocation at level 5. Based on what Matt said when Fjord used Booming Blade against the goblins, he appears to have selected Thirsting Blade, an invocation that requires the player to be a 5th-level Pact of the Blade warlock. When he attacks with his pact weapon, he can now attack twice instead of once.


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  • Two 3rd level spell slots
  • Destroy Undead (CR 1/2)
  • Hellish Rebuke DC increase to 12
  • Darkness once per long rest
  • Cantrip damage increase
  • Spell save DC increase to 15

Clerics, like wizards and warlocks, now get to cast two 3rd level spells a day. For Jester, this means she’ll have access to the entire 3rd level cleric spell list as well as two additional domain spells: Blink and Dispel Magic. Dispel Magic is generally a cleric spell, but she won’t have to spend a prepared spell to have access to it on a given day. Notable new spells she’ll have access to include Beacon of Hope, Mass Healing Word, Revivify, Sending, and Speak with Dead.

One of Jester’s Channel Divinity abilities is also upgraded: Turn Undead will now destroy any undead of challenge rating 1/2 or lower. This wouldn’t have destroyed the will-o’-wisps they fought in the underground laboratory, but we saw Pike destroy a few hordes of skeletons over the course of the last campaign with this feature. The CR limit goes up with level, so a high-level Jester would theoretically be able to wipe creatures of up to CR 4 without breaking a sweat.

Jester also gets the last of her Infernal LeMatt, to Liamgacy spells, Darkness. For up to ten concentrated minutes, she can cast a sphere of magical darkness, like Thuron the Xhorhasian infiltrator did in his battle with the Nein in the Zadash sewer.


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  • Extra Attack
  • One additional type of Blood Curse for Blood Maledict
  • Enthrall once per long rest
  • Vicious Mockery damage increase
  • Vicious Mockery, Charm Person, and Enthrall save DC increase to 11

Like the other martial classes, blood hunters gain the ability to attack twice at 5th level. Additionally, they gain access to a second type of Blood Curse, though they still can only use one curse per rest. Notable potential choices to add to Molly's Blood Curse of the Eyeless are Fallen Puppet, Fending Rite, and Mutual Suffering. (We saw Tova use Mutual Suffering against Utugash in Campaign 1 in the City of Dis.) Molly will be able to use his curses twice per rest once he hits level 6.

Molly also gets the last of his Devil’s Tongue (variant tiefling) abilities: a single casting of Enthrall per long rest. On a failed Wisdom save, the target has disadvantage on Perception checks made to perceive any creature other than Molly until the spell ends (1 minute) or until the target can no longer hear Molly.


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  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Sneak Attack damage increase
  • Fury of the Small damage increase to 5 points
  • Cantrip damage increase
  • Spell save DC increase to 14


As Sam was very excited to share, Nott now has the rogue ability Uncanny Dodge. As a reaction, when she is hit by an attack from an attacker she can see, Nott can halve that attack’s damage. As pointed out on stream, this ability is how Vax managed to survive many of Vox Machina’s encounters in the last campaign despite his relatively low number of hit points. It won’t work on things like Fireball (that will come later), but it would be particularly useful, say, against the club of a hill giant swinging down towards her head.

Nott’s sneak attack damage also goes up to 3d6 from her former 2d6, and both her cantrip and Fury of the Small damage increases. Finally, like all the spellcasters, her spell save DC increases.


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  • Extra Attack
  • Fast Movement
  • Healing Hands healing increase to 5 points
  • Necrotic Shroud DC increase to 9
  • Necrotic Shroud damage increase to 5

Like monks, blood hunters, and other martial classes, barbarians are able to attack twice when they take the attack action at 5th level. With Sentinel, Yasha has the potential for 3 attacks in a round, each with advantage from Reckless Attack. In addition, barbarians receive a movement speed bonus of +10 as long as they aren’t wearing heavy armor. For the Mighty Nein, this means both Beau and Yasha have movement speeds of 40 ft, enabling them to close down on enemies faster than they might expect.