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Can you tell me…

This answer is directed specifically at new followers: Hi! Welcome to CritRoleStats, or to the Twitter or Tumblr if you’re seeing this from there. We’ve answered a lot of questions in our run, so inevitably, we receive many questions that we have already answered. If you’re new to us, you might try either searching our previous Quick Answers or flipping through our archives.

We also have many questions that we usually answer within the week of the episode airing. If we don’t answer your question about media references, monster statistics, or world lore, we are probably double-checking our work and sharing that information in an upcoming article. We also suggest you tune into Talks Machina every Tuesday, where we share many interesting statistics at the beginning of the show.

Can you track the attuned items of the Mighty Nein?

Sure! You can find the page with our latest update of attuned items here. The link has also been added to the Wildemount General Stats page.

Can you add CRS’s Favorite Moments to the General Stats dropdown menu?


By any chance, did you count how many times Caleb asked for Paper and Ink from The Gentleman?

Three times.

Are there any plans to track how much Caleb spends on his spells/spellbook? Any chance we can start a running stat on how much gold Caleb has spent on “fine ink and parchment”?

We do track that, among many other items spent. As Liam pointed out on Twitter, it costs 50 gold per spell slot level to transcribe a spell into his spellbook. Caleb has spent 650 gold on ink and paper for spell transcription.

Can you create an Indiana Jones style travel map of where TM9 has been (red line) and where they are heading toward (red dotted line)?

As much as we love this idea, the rights to the map are tricky. For professional courtesy, we’ll hold off until we’re a little more clear on how to present it.

When was the last time we had Crit Role PVP within a campaign?

Since the Beau and Jester fight in the Evening Nip in episode 2-19, the last character PvP event was episode 1-99 between Grog and Lionel.