Media References and Puns of 2-17 Harvest Close

Thanks to wildfey for this art piece!

This fall, Gail and the Hendersons learn the facts of life: family matters, everyone has diff'rent strokes, it doesn't matter who's the boss, and a full house is a recipe for happy days. Cheers!

Media References


  • (0:03:21) Sam: The sitcom everyone’s stoked about, You’ve Got Gail!
  • (0:03:34) Laura: This says “sew a quilt of fabric swatches,” not fabric crotches.
  • (0:42:19) Half-elf: No funny business. Caleb: I am a funny guy.
  • (1:02:53) Matt: They have a rack with different bows and a cache of arrows that are set off to the side.  Marisha: I’m just standing there like, “What?”
  • (1:18:54) Laura: And then I’m going to leave a couple of Travel brochures.
  • (1:49:11) Molly: I think if I just saw lots random nines around the city I don’t think I’d know what that was connected to. Beau: You saw random mimes? Molly: Is there- have you seen mimes?
  • (2:51:18) Ashley: Fists of Fury! Laura: Fists of Fury! Ashley: Fists of furry, Mrs. Henderson!
  • (3:18:52) Matt: … they make short work of it. Sam: Short work pun!