Media References and Puns of 2-22 Lost Treasures

We look forward to these monsters' inclusion in WotC's next official source book.

Media References


  • (0:02:34) Sam: You’ve all heard of a bulette? Well, this is a bullet!
  • (0:02:55) Sam: You’ve heard of a displacer beast? This is a Despacito beast!
  • (0:03:23) Sam: You guys have heard of an owlbear. What about putting a creative spin on it and creating a bowel bear?
  • (0:03:42) Sam: There’s a monster in the Monster Manual called the giant wasp? Well this is the Giant W.A.S.P.
  • (0:04:12) Sam: This is a bone Dirt Devil.
  • (0:04:21) Sam: And last but not least, it’s a Fantacore!
  • (0:04:45) Sam: There was the Lin-Manuel Mirandaboleth.
  • (0:04:51) Sam: There was a Nick Frost Giant. He always has Simon Pegg with him.
  • (0:09:49) Laura: Is it called a bangin’ tree?
  • (0:12:31) Fjord: No, but I got pretty f***ing sharp eyes. They call me eagle-eye Fjord where I come from.  Laura: Do they really? Travis: *caw!* Crow Fjord. Maybe Raven, you don’t know. Marisha: That’s a lot of nicknames.  Travis: It was. [...] Laura: Well, I think Bird-Eye Fjord is what he was getting at.
  • (0:21:29) *as Travis and Marisha roll fives and then high five* Marisha: Five. Oh, a five!
  • (0:21:32) Liam: This tree is bangin!
  • (0:38:52) Ashley: I’m hard to miss. [...] Liam: You’re as big as a giant barn; you are hard to miss.
  • (0:51:27) Travis: I give it a gentle tug.  Laura: Hee.
  • (1:05:22) Travis: (as Jester) I have a sweet tooth.
  • (1:06:04) Laura: He got tolled (told)!
  • (2:15:23) Matt: It’s a Merrow Shallow Priest.  Taliesin: Really shallow, but a really hot Instagram account.
  • (3:27:08) Marisha: Any dope bos?  Jester: You’re Beau, you’re looking for a staff.
  • (3:37:13) Matt: Through the backward gui-- the reverse guidance of Caleb.  Laura: It’s backwards guidance.