Media References and Puns of 2-23 Have Bird, Will Travel

The Fungal Fount's competition uses inorganic troll components and Comic Sans.

Media References


  • (0:11:09) Molly: Like so many good things, we can do it back when we get to the hotel.
  • (0:12:00) Caleb: I do not have a cat in this hunt.
  • (0:13:05) Nott: Just to play troll’s advocate…
  • (0:32:07) Travis: Fjord got a four.  Sam: A fee-our.
  • (0:57:17) Travis: Let it stop you not, my friend. Not Nott.
  • (1:18:19) Laura: I poke his stomach, does it feel like there’s a hard thing in there? [...] Travis: Just these abs, babe!
  • (1:29:17) Matt: The Fungal Fount.  Taliesin: What font is it written in?
  • (1:39:58) Molly: This is a one-troll town.
  • (2:26:43) Nott: You got your rock. Let’s rock out!
  • (2:53:50) Matt: Checking Tinderbox?
  • (3:57:44) Sam: Gushing Tankard.  Risa: *Blushing* Tankard.