Monster Analysis: Bandits (Gravelway Path)

  • First Appearance: 2-08 The Gates of Zadash
  • Armor Class 12
  • Speed 30 feet
  • Recommended Average, Max HP: 11, 18
  • Unnamed Bandit: 12+ Damage Taken (Unconscious)
  • Zenny: 8 Damage Taken (Conscious)

Yep. These bozos return.

The last place The Mighty Nein saw Zenny and his crew of pathetic bandits was on the Amber Road on their way from Alfield to Zadash. At that time, however, it was Trevor and his crew of pathetic bandits. You’ll recall that this was the scuffle where Caleb turned Trevor to ash with a Scorching Ray, and Molly made two of the bandits play boulder-parchment-shears with each other to determine who the group’s new leader would be. Zenny won, and after a stern talking to from Molly to pursue a more effective line of work, has apparently led this group of bandits across the Eistus River to harass caravans crossing the Gravelway Path.

Their overturned cart setup was enough to draw out an uncharacteristically unstealthy Nott and her faithful Silent Image, Chent. Chent’s “dancing” drew the bandits’ attention, but because she hadn’t hidden herself very well, their attention was simultaneously drawn to Nott. Nott was peppered with bolt after bolt before the party could spring into action, which raised the stakes before Zenny recognized Molly. The stakes promptly fell as the encounter turned from a serious threat to the fruits of previous labors.

What’s most entertaining is that The Mighty Nein didn’t have to deal a single point of damage this time to claim victory. Nott did anyway for vengeance’s sake, and Beau did knock a dude out, which resulted in Jester getting to add bandit pants to her inventory, so, cherry on top.