Monster Analysis: Venom Troll 2 (Explosive Boogaloo)

Thanks to @oliviahintz for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 2-21 Stalker in the Swamp
  • Encounter Appearance: 2-23 Have Bird, Will Travel
  • Armor Class 15
  • Speed 30 ft
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 12
  • Immune to Poison and Poisoned
  • Recommended Average, Max HP: 94, 135
    • 140 Total Damage Taken to First KO, 9 HDYWTDT by Mollymauk
    • 32 Damage Taken at 10 HP, 27 HDYWTDT by Caleb
    • Total Damage Taken: 182 (20 HP Healed)

For the sake of completion, revenge, and 100 gold, the party hunted down the troll that took out their guide and cleared one more predator from the Labenda. Also made Matt alter his carefully constructed map on the fly, because explosions.

Surprise Surprise

Despite the underwhelming amount of damage the troll took from Nott’s delivery, the dynamite did provide two benefits. First, it gave the party a full round to attack the troll while it was dazed, essentially an extra surprise round on top of the one Nott took to toss the dynamite into the hovel in the first place. Second, because it was knocked prone, the troll was severely limited in its offensive options, as it couldn’t reach melee range of any of the party members. This gave the party two full rounds in which they could deal damage without fear of harming any of their own.

Thanks to @n1ght_crow for this art piece!

This time, the troll demonstrated its Venom Spray, dealing an irreducible amount of damage to itself in order to reach Yasha and Beau with a fifteen-foot cube of poison (DC 16). This ability would have required a recharge to use again, though the troll only used it until it could enter melee to fully benefit from its poison splash.

Despite apparently defeating the troll, the party’s reluctance to deal any fire damage with Fjord lying unconscious nearby also came back to bite them, literally. This let the troll turn the element of surprise back on the party, almost resulting in Fjord’s immediate death. This is where Caleb’s Slow easily became the Play of the Game: limiting the troll to one attack action and no reactions not only prevented an unconscious Fjord from taking two critical hits, but also allowed Beau and Yasha to drag his body away without fear of an attack of opportunity.


Thanks to @hla_rosa for this art piece!

With the exception of the initial surprise round, Caleb refrained from using any fire-based spells until he was essentially forced to in order to finish off the troll for good. This brought back the flashbacks he shared with Beau and Nott. Beau took this opportunity to comfort him the best that she could, demonstrating that despite their recent dispute, there would always be catharsis and support in the group.

An unfortunate side effect of using the dynamite quickly became apparent when it came time to collect loot. While the troll took very little damage from the boom boom stick, inanimate objects such as the tree hollow and any items of worth took double damage and were scattered across the swamp. Much less than 100 gold was recovered, but Jester was able to cut out the troll’s heart for later bargaining.