Media References and Puns of 2-24 The Hour of Honor

To the tune of "Come On, Get Happy" by The Partridge Family:

Hupperdook, there’s a bird that we’re bringin’, her name is Kiri!
A lot of mimicking is what she’ll be sayin’, her name is Kiri!
Since we saved her, we’ve been travelin’ together,
Kill some evil merrow then we keep movin’ on!
Repeatin’ what we’re sayin’ whenever we’re together,
Stabbin’ bodies with her dagger even though they’re long gone!
Stop in a bar, there’s a bird that we’re bringin’, her name is Kiri!
In a room with Yasha is where she’ll be stayin’, her name is Kiri!
Her name is Kiri! Her name is Kiri!

Media References


  • (0:01:04) Sam: Ahoy, and welcome to D&D Bey-arrgh! [...] And follow the freebooters to dndbeyond.carrrm.
  • (0:14:44) Beau: Why is [the tankard] blushing?  Rissa: Because you put your lips to it!
  • (0:41:11) Fitz: I’ve heard about these folks. Their blood’s fire, but inside they’re cold and clammy.
  • (1:19:18) Sam: Cram school!
  • (1:46:09) Ireena: Just let the throat open and take it in.
  • (1:51:57) Liam: That is one smooth seaman.
  • (2:01:00) Ireena: Well, if you’re looking for a meal…
  • (2:32:36) Ireena: You’re all looking appropriately f***ed. Beau: Yeah. In a few ways.
  • (3:04:18) Fjord: So, Lasagna...
  • (3:19:24) Jester: I have a whole pouch full of money right here!  Sam: Baby pouch.
  • (3:44:37) Matt: It’s a finger ring?  Marisha and Laura: It’s a fingering?!